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DocuXplorer Product Release History

DocuXplorer is continually evolving with behind-the-scenes updates and bug fixes ensuring that your document management system is on the cutting edge of emerging trends.  

Keep your system up-to-date by enabling the auto update feature. Select Tools | Options | Administrative and select the computer name that should check for program updates at startup.

Updates can be checked manually via Tools | Product Updates. If this option is grayed out your software is current, or it’s been disabled by your administrator.

Current Release:

DocuXplorer 2021

( -

Desktop New Features:

  1. Added email preview support for .msg and .eml files
  2. Added extended email encryption methods
  3. Added ability to edit excel and word documents without having MS Office installed
  4. Added a range of formatting features Bold, color, images, hyperlinks etc. for SMTP emails messages
  5. Added support for automated SMTP email signatures
  6. Added support for setting SMTP email priority and support content formats Plain Text or HTML
  7. Added support for memorized list of SMTP email address
  8. Added support to update existing workflows template when database structure when changes are detected
  9. Added support for read only desktop licenses
  10. Added updated code signature certificate
  11. Added Welcome Screen with DX Resources and news feeds information

Desktop Enhancements:

  1. Update French translation

Desktop Resolved Issues:

  1. Fixed send document to recycle bin when adding documents
  2. Fixed deleting last user or group in permissions
  3. Fixed deleting last folder or document favorite from list
  4. Fixed icon for documents that represent short-cuts
  5. Fixed send document to recycle bin when adding documents
  6. Fixed Favorites popup menu error when library is close

Web Client New Features:

  1. Update help topics
  2. Updated language translation

Web Client Resolved Issues:

  1. No Issues reported

Press Ctrl F5 in the browser the first time you access the login page. This will clear your browser’s cache so the new feature will take effect.

Release History:

2020 Releases - 9300

2019 Releases
7.5.199252 -

2018 Releases -

2017 Releases - 

2016 Release

2013 - 2015 Releases (Unicode Support) / (Non-Unicode Support) (Unicode Support) / (Non-Unicode Support) (Unicode Support) / (Non-Unicode Support) (Unicode Support) / (Non-Unicode Support) (Unicode Support) / (Non-Unicode Support) (Unicode Support) / (Non-Unicode Support)

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