Product Updates

DocuXplorer 2016 Release History


Desktop New Features:

  1. Added Workflow (aka BPM (business management processing)).
  2. Added thumbnail support for document list view.
  3. Added a new event log column called “Export File Name”.
  4. Added Key violation support for Index Set fields.
  5. Added support for validating password complexity.
  6. Added support to allow for the manual linking of documents.
  7. Added support to link documents via search criteria.
  8. Added support for drag and drop from MS Outlook email and attachments
  9. Enabled software to handle any character set (Unicode support).
  10. Interface translation support for English, Spanish, Arabic, Dutch, German & Thai.
  11. Added new Auto Index values (FileName}, {FileType} and {FilePath}t.
  12. Enabled OCR tab in document viewer to highlight text via a full text search.
  13. Improved compression when scanning and manually compressing tiff files.
  14. Added Compress Image process within batch processing for tiff pages within viewer.
  15. Added Maintenance Mode for Administrators to lock out users while the product is being updated/backed up, or other administrative tasks.
  16. Added "Save As" feature for associated document viewer.
  17. Added support to view link-files within DocuXplorer.
  18. Added API function to set the focus on a folder.
  19. Support for Windows 10 & Windows Server 2012.
  20. Support for MS Office 2007- 2013 & 365.
  21. Added new security permissions for Modifying Document item properties.
  22. Support for Advantage Database v12 32/64bit.

Desktop Enhancements:

  1. Help topics updated.
  2. Updated translation text.
  3. Expanded width of Cabinet, Drawer and Folder names to 254 characters.
  4. DocSize value now supports Int64 bit values for large and extra-large document sizes.
  5. Enabled Static Check Box lists to be sorted.
  6. Enabled users to customize the toolbar in the main Desktop & Document viewers.
  7. Added warning prompt when deleting an attachment from the document viewer.
  8. Enabled auto indexing defaults to be used when switching between index within document viewer.

Desktop Resolved Issues:

  1. FIXED: Export file name and path is now truncated when it exceeds the operating system’s maximum length of 255.
  2. FIXED: Process for duplicating a document from a shortcut.
  3. FIXED: Issue when the imported file name would be truncated if it contained dashes.
  4. FIXED: Paste and Paste Shortcut issues.
  5. FIXED: Security access to memo fields when used in preview mode.
  6. FIXED: Security access when changing Index Sets for existing documents.
  7. FIXED: Minimized Index set lookup list conflicts between users.
  8. FIXED: Version comparison process for index set configuration changes.
  9. FIXED: Security fix issues with modifying document item properties.
  10. FIXED: Saved searches now show the proper Cabinet the search was created for within the drop down list.
  11. FIXED: Unable to open older documents where RFT was used for memo fields.