DocuXplorer Company Policies

NOTICE: These Company Policies are effective as of September 13, 2023.


Installation support is included as an option for all DocuXplorer editions.

Enterprise, Teams, and Small Business installation support includes:

  • Installation of server component and server configuration
  • Installation of the first workstation
  • Instructions for the installation of remaining workstations
  • Overview of setting up a Library Structure
  • Overview of the setup of Index Sets
  • Overview of document search options  

Personal and Professional Installation support includes:

  • Installation of the workstation
  • Overview of setting up a Library Structure
  • Overview of the setup of Index Sets
  • Overview of document search options  


Current Licensees can benefit from the discounted support options listed below.

Email support response time is always within 24 hours and most often provided as a same-day response.

An annual Super Support option includes email, telephone, and remote PC Support and runs concurrent with your Subscription Licenses. A primary support contact would contact DocuXplorer's technical support department via email (SUPPORT@DOCUXPLORER.COM) to request a support call. Users can expect a technical support call back within 24 hours.

Super Support covers any level 1 and level 2 issue.  Super Support is valid as long as one or more of your DocuXplorer licenses is active. Each Super Support package can support up to ten DocuXplorer licenses.

Super Support does not include Level 3 support issues, data repair, data replication, training or consulting services (including API, Import Engine configuration and related issues, taxonomy services, and workflow design/implementation services). These services must be purchased separately.

Super Support must be added to a subscription at time of purchase/renewal. If purchased outside of this period due to a technical support issue, the outstanding Level 1, 2 or 3 tickets must be paid prior to the purchase of a Super Support package.

Determination as to what constitutes an incident or items covered under an annual Super Support subscription will solely be governed by the decision of Archive Power Systems, Inc. and DocuXplorer Software. If an issue is resolved in less than an hour, unused time can only be used toward the same issue if it reoccurs.

Telephone support on a pay-per-incident basis are defined as follows:


  • A one-hour minimum charge
  • Incidents are limited to basic usage issues (i.e. How do I find a file?)


  • A one-hour minimum charge
  • Incidents are limited to networking and hardware issues that are best solved by the MIS department or network administrator. This type of incident would include any system in which the installation and usage has been successful, but the DocuXplorer software stops functioning properly. Each Level 2 support incident is specific to a case.


  • Incidents of Level 3 support include corrupted database rebuilds due to an unstable client computing environment, consulting, programming, and other issues that are not covered by Level 1 or Level 2 support at the discretion of Archive Power Systems, Inc. and DocuXplorer Software.

Support is available during normal business hours, Monday - Friday 9am to 5pm EST/EDT. Weekday after hours and weekend phone support are available only if scheduled in advance. The minimum charge for weekday after-hours phone support is one hour of Level 2 at time-and-a-half. Weekend phone support is available from 9am to 5pm EST/EDT on Saturdays and Sundays. The minimum charge for weekend phone support is three hours of Level 2 phone support at double-time.


To continually provide our customers with industry-leading solutions, DocuXplorer periodically retires older product versions. By doing so, we are able to focus more resources on enhancing our current products to meet new market demands and support the latest in technological innovations. Ultimately, this enables us to provide our customers with the best document management tools in the industry.

DocuXplorer Releases older than one (1) year from the Current Release are no longer supported by DocuXplorer. No further fixes to these products will be released. 

Additionally, all versions of Sybase Advantage Database Server (ADS) 11 and older are no longer supported by Sybase. DocuXplorer provided limited support for Sybase ADS Version 10 until December 31, 2016. We recommend that all clients email SALES@DOCUXPLORER.COM or phone (888) 246-9696 to upgrade their Sybase product to the latest version in order to maintain compatibility with DocuXplorer's Small Business and Enterprise versions. This is a direct purchase from Sybase and is separate and apart from any DocuXplorer subscription licenses.

Effective January 1, 2019, a SAP Advantage Database Server (ADS) maintenance and support charge will be included on renewal invoices for Enterprise, Teams, and Small Business licenses. This ensures clients are fully covered by DocuXplorer technicians for any ADS support needs.


Taxonomy and training services are sold in 'blocks' of time and unused hours within the block are non-refundable. Hours must be paid for in advance and may only be used concurrently with the months remaining of a client's DocuXplorer subscription. Hours of taxonomy consulting may be purchased separately, but at a higher per-hour cost than a block, and any unused hours are non-refundable as well. Training hours must be used within 90 days of purchase.  

Any customizations to DocuXplorer (such as workflow design/development) that engage our Consulting Services unit must be paid for in full, upfront. Customization work is non-refundable.

Workflows designed by DocuXplorer are charged per "task." As part of the service, we will design, test and run the workflow requested. Once successfully run, the workflow design will be installed. Any further changes once the workflow has been successfully run will be billed accordingly on a "per task" basis.

If taxonomy, consulting services, or training hours are paid for but not used within 60 days of purchase, the project may be cancelled and DocuXplorer may not be under obligation to fulfill the project.


The DocuXplorer Secure Backup Service is billed monthly based on your average monthly data usage. Only data stored within DocuXplorer is backed up as part of this service. The Secure Backup Service includes:

  • Professional installation 
  • Daily backup verification reporting
  • Custom retention period
  • Secure automatic backup
  • Data recovery and restore

Changes to your plan classification, retention period, or any other administrative requests are billed as level 2 Support.

Plan classifications follow a waterfall model for transitioning between backup plans. Unless otherwise requested in writing, all new plans are set to the fastest plan with unlimited retention. After transitioning to a slower plan, you will not be able to move back to any faster plan without creating a new storage account as part of an administrative request.

Monthly rates and service fees are subject to the current month’s data storage amount.