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docuxplorer document management software features

Fast, secure & intuitive document management

The right document management products and features for your business.

Capture & Organize

custom organization

Powerfully structured library tree that’s familiar and flexible.

AI Capture

Automatically tag documents with metadata using OCR. 

print driver

Convert any web page to a searchable PDF.


No more downloading, printing, or filing, delegate your tasks to DX.

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capture & organize feature details
file cabinet with three folders

custom organization

DocuXplorer’s organizational structure (The Library Tree) is based on a familiar cabinet, drawer, and folder system but enables flexibility that goes beyond the physical world and empowers you to optimize your business processes in a completely customizable fashion that works for you.
Get started fast with hundreds of prebuilt templates. 
Take advantage of our Taxonomy Consulting to optimize your document management strategy.

Three documents in a folder


Minimize user error, increase accuracy, and save time when you automate the tagging and filing of documents.
With AI Capture, you control what specific cabinet, drawer, and folder specific document types should go and automatically populate index set fields (such as invoice number, vendor, or date). 
DocuXplorer’s Optical Character Recognition (OCR) converts scanned images of text (in 113+ languages) to electronic text that’s searchable, indexed, and retrieved within the software. 

Scanner and two documents

print driver

Capture visual information from any program or webpage to be stored quickly and easily as a searchable PDF in DocuXplorer. 

Four documents stacked

import engine

Automatically import documents and index data from an external source. 
The document import engine will create new cabinets, drawers, and folders as needed, as well as import files and populate index fields associated with the documents.
Client use cases have proven to import and index 100,000 documents per day. This feature dramatically reduces the laborious task of data entry.

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Control & Automate

document control

Edit, annotate, collaborate, and share all in one place.

Quick Find

Find any document in seconds.

digital signatures

Send, track, and securely store legally binding contracts.

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Automatically send your team what they need when they need it.

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control & Automate feature details
Four word documents stacked

document control

Version Control
Maintain and track the history of changes made to all files including the user and timestamp.

“Check-out” documents so only one user can perform edits at a time. Multiple users can also view a document simultaneously. 

Instantly make edits to documents in their native program.

Documents can be forwarded to other users via email, or DX Workflow, automating and tracking document processing. 

Add notes, annotations,  comments, and alerts to documents.

Microscope and document

quick find

Finding files fast has never been easier. 

Full Text Search
Search for a word or phrase in any index field, memo, OCR text, and full text of a document's content.

Field Search
Using Index Sets and Index Set Fields, narrow your search criteria  for precise results.

SQL Execution
Write an SQL string to search the database.

pen and mobile phone

digital signatures

Four boxes connected by arrows to visualize a workflow


DocuXplorer’s automated workflow is your key to ending repetitive time-consuming tasks.

Our workflow designer lets you automate each step in your organization’s many business processes. As your documents are added to a workflow, they are sent to the right people, with email notifications sent to those required to take the next step. Set due dates so automated reminders keep everyone on target.

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Secure & Access

audit trail

Track every action on every document.


Set user permissions.

web access

Quick, secure access on any device.

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Ensure you meet all government security and privacy regulations.

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secure & access feature details

audit trail

The Document Event Log tracks every action taken on a document, stamping it with the event date and time, and the name of the operator who performed the action.
DocuXplorer also provides a Library Event Log with data on every action taken on every document in the Library that can be used to create reports and track user activity.



Encryption makes information unreadable to anybody without the proper credentials. 

DocuXplorer gives you total control. You can set permissions for individuals or groups for nearly every function of the program from objects down to fields.

Symbol of world with four lines above it for internet

web access

DocuXplorer’s web-based document management system enables you to securely locate any file on any device.

DocuXplorer’s security settings and permissions are the same in our Web Client as in our desktop version. Information viewed through our Web Client can utilize 256-bit SSL encryption. 

Symbol of a seal or certification


DocuXplorer security functionality keeps you compliant with HIPAA, NASD, SEC, SOX, FINRA, GDPR, ISO and FDA regulations for document security, confidentiality, document and record life-cycle retention management and audit trails.

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dx secure backup

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dx cloud hosting

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personalized support

Someone’s always ready to help.  

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Highly experienced organizational experts at your service.

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Icon of a help desk agent with microphone and a phone connected to the internet displaying 4 different documents

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System Requirements

Docuxplorer 1.0.1

System Requirements
DocuXplorer can operate on your existing network hardware. Workstations require Microsoft Windows 7 or later 32 or 64 bit, Pentium 4 processors with at least 1 GB or more. DocuXplorer’s internal database server runs side-by-side with a SQL or other company server. DocuXplorer was designed so that there would be little or no database maintenance, and has a very small footprint. Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 or newer must be installed on your workstation prior to the installation of DocuXplorer. If you are looking to integrate with Microsoft Office, you must be running MS Office 32bit 2003 or later.
For five or fewer users, you can use DocuXplorer directly from a workstation or opt for a dedicated server (including virtual machines) running up-to-date versions of Windows (must be Windows 2008 or newer) or Linux. However, servers are recommended for systems with five or more users. If you have a large number of documents to store, you may want to add a large hard drive to your network for document storage. You should also have an adequate back-up system in place. Learn more about DX Secure Backup for disaster recovery services.
If you plan on scanning documents into DocuXplorer, you will need a scanner with an auto-document feeder for paper documents. The scanner speed will depend on your daily scanning needs. 
Sybase (a SAP company) Advantage Database Server software requirements.
Enterprise hardware recommendations:
For up to 50 users:Processor: Two 2nd Generation Intel® Xeon® processors 8 coresRAM:16 GB Controller: SCSI or SSD (second controller preferred) with Hardware RAID 5 (3 drives for RAID 5) Network Card: 100MB/1GB Network Card For 50-100 users – large deployments require dedicated serversProcessor: Dual 1.8 GB Xeon RAM: 8 GB Controller: SCSI with Hardware RAID 5 (3 drives)Network Card: 100 Mb Network Card
For more than 50 users:Processor: Two 2nd Generation Intel® Xeon® processors 12 cores RAM: 24 GB Controller: SCSI or SSD (second controller preferred) with Hardware RAID 5 (3 drives for RAID 5)Network Card: 100 Mb / 1 GB Network Card

TWAIN Compatible Scanners
All of the scanner models listed below have been tested with the TWAIN drivers supplied with them at the time of testing. All of these have interfaced successfully with DocuXplorer. Nonetheless, Archive Power Systems, Inc. cannot guarantee that these scanners will be fully compatible with the DocuXplorer product line due to the fact that we were unable to encompass all the possible operating systems and scanner drivers during the rigorous testing process. 
To help you best determine whether or not the scanner you have is the right fit for use with DocuXplorer, we encourage you to download our free full-functionality 30 day trial and test its performance and integration. If you need help configuring your scanner to interface with DocuXplorer, please feel free to contact our technical support team at for prompt assistance.