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Document Management Taxonomy Services

Say goodbye to clutter. Our organizational experts will make sure you get the most out of your document management system. Get up and running fast and start working smarter.

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Let our experts build your streamlined workflow solution. 

To get the most out of your document management software, you’ll want an effective organizational foundation. DocuXplorer employs a team of highly trained taxonomists specializing in organizational structure to ensure our clients have the best support possible. 

A quick origins story: 

Taxonomy is a practice in which objects are arranged and classified to provide order; a value that is utilized within document management solutions to streamline an organization’s workflow. The term ‘taxonomy’ originates from Greek, and translates to “arrangement method.” The taxonomy division of our document management consulting services unit was established in 2011 in response to overwhelming client demand for help designing the most effective organization of DocuXplorer’s cabinet structure. Our consultants, with over two decades of experience in document management taxonomy, are equipped with the skills necessary to design and implement powerful solutions to optimize clients’ document management strategy.

Benefits of DMS Taxonomy Consulting:

Customized Set-Up:

DocuXplorer’s virtual cabinets and folders are pre-configured to conform to your firm’s organizational structure and workflow procedures before you begin to import documents. Based on your needs, a file structure can be set up for an entire firm or for an individual function or department to facilitate finding the right information at the right time.


Your current library configuration and indexing practices are analyzed to determine if you are getting the most out of the system. Recommendations focus on suggestions for facilitating document input and improving search results.

Search Clinic:

Learn more about how searching works within DocuXplorer and what can be done to enhance results throughout your firm. Current indexing practices are reviewed against a sampling of actual searches. Recommendations are formulated to suggest adjustments which will enhance search precision.

Records Management:

Use DocuXplorer to facilitate compliance with your firm’s records retention guidelines. Have the DocuXplorer index sets updated so they can be used to track key review and action dates dictated by your records management policy.


Customized employee training modules are developed and delivered on any aspect of DocuXplorer usage, including:

  • Setting up new file structures
  • Modifying existing file structures
  • Managing index sets
  • Searching more effectively
  • Setting up and maintaining information access controls.