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Professional Scanning Services

Do your file cabinets require an office of their own? Do your dread the trip to off-site storage for every audit? Let DocuXplorer do the heavy lifting. We'll scan and index your physical paper records, so they're always just a click away.

August 18, 2022

Roll of paper

You have a document management system; now what?

You've taken the first step towards digital transformation, you've invested in a document management system. But how do you get all of your documents into DocuXplorer quickly and affordably. Our clients frequently ask us:

"Should we start with new documents coming in, or our backlog of paper records that are taking up office space?"

Prioritize Productivity

With DocuXplorer's scanning services, you don't have to choose between immediate access to incoming records or quickly locating records from your backlog of paper documents.

Most businesses don't have the resources to scan, index, and file years of paper records, but having quick access to these records in DocuXplorer is the power that drives productivity. That's why we offer an affordable service to help you achieve this as a one-off project or on an ongoing basis.

Digitize Your Documents in 4 Easy Steps

4 steps to digitize your documents. 1) Identify indexing information, 2) box and send your documents, 3) our team will scan, index, and add them to DocuXplorer, 4) Choose to have them securely destroyed or shipped back.

What are the benefits of outsourcing your scanning?

Simplicity: Check this project off your list once and for all by letting DocuXplorer's team take the lead. You'll have access to your digitized files within days of us receiving the documents.

Security: All files are processed in a facility that is HIPAA compliant and Department of Homeland Security Compliant regarding facility and IT security protocols and follows NIST 800-53.

Productivity: Don't waste your team's time scanning documents and doing data entry. Focus on more pressing business needs and let our team power your digital transformation.

"We had a 20-year backlog of student records filling up filing cabinets and office space. We needed 150 thousand documents to be scanned, tagged with indexing information, and filed in their corresponding folder in DocuXplorer so we could stay compliant and effectively locate records quickly. We didn’t have the resources to perform the project in-house, so we hired DocuXplorer to take on the task for us. DocuXplorer project managed the job from start to finish. We're so happy with the results and are able to locate any file in seconds."

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