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eFileCabinet Clients Find Easy DMS Migration To DocuXplorer

DocuXplorer DMS migration helps clients quickly integrate with QuickBooks without disrupting daily business operations.

September 15, 2022

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eFileCabinet is sunsetting its services and moving its customers to the new platform, Rubex by eFileCabinet. 

Have you been affected by eFileCabinet’s recent change?

See how one Rubex client migrated seamlessly to DocuXplorer.

“We love DocuXplorer. It is so much easier than Rubex. It’s more intuitive and efficient.” 

- Maggie Reed, Flow Control Equipment

Seamless QuickBooks Integration

Maggie heads up HR at Flow Control Equipment and was an eFileCabinet client for ten years. During the transition from eFileCabinet to Rubex, she lost access to her business records for weeks with no solution. Every effort to reach a support person ended with a playbook response, and the agent disconnected before providing any answers.

“Moving from eFileCabinet to Rubex was terrible; we had little help and we were on our own. We had to schedule support appointments and were given an hour time slot. If we couldn’t complete everything in that hour, we’d have to wait another three days for another appointment. This went on for several weeks,” Maggie recalls. 

Maggie found DocuXplorer, a document management system that integrated with her QuickBooks, and supported data migration. After a DocuXplorer demo and technical meeting with a knowledgeable support person, Maggie confirmed the platform met her functionality and technical requirements, including the desktop QuickBooks integration, essential for her day-to-day operations.

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DMS Migration: DocuXplorer’s Pilot Program

Finding, testing, migrating, and onboarding a new software provider can be time-consuming.

Maggie didn’t have time to waste. She decided to take advantage of DocuXplorer’s Pilot Program to quickly determine if DX was the right fit. She worked with a trained DX expert to perform a proof of concept and confirm that DX could migrate her data out of Rubex and into DocuXplorer while maintaining her indexing information, creating a strategically designed hierarchy, and creating granular permission settings all within two days. 

When describing her experience with her DocuXplorer expert, Maggie said, “Mr. Ron’s can-do attitude was very refreshing….He responded quickly and offered solutions, which we never had with eFileCabinet.”

“Mr. Ron’s can-do attitude was very refreshing….He responded quickly and offered solutions, which we never had with eFileCabinet.”

Within that two-day timeframe, Maggie was using DX like a pro and realized how much more value she could get out of DocuXplorer, above and beyond the repository she was using her old DMS as before.

​​“I feel like DocuXplorer can do anything,” Maggie said. “If I can dream it up, Mr. Ron can figure it out.”

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Optimized Efficiency: DocuXplorer’s Onboarding Program

Maggie spent 6 weeks struggling to migrate to Rubex with little to no help from eFileCabinet’s support team. Working with DocuXplorer was utterly different from the start. With DocuXplorer’s Onboarding Program, she got up and running in days, with hands-on assistance every step of the way.

After a quick 15-minute installation with her DocuXplorer technician, Maggie and her tech, Mr. Ron, reviewed her existing document hierarchy in Rubex, made adjustments to improve search performance, and mapped how the records would be imported into DocuXplorer. Maggie’s team now had the tools and training to import terabytes of data over two days.  The DMS migration itself was simple, seamless, and minimally disruptive.

After Maggie’s data was imported, organized, and correctly indexed, she worked with Matt, her Success Coach, to ensure she and her team understood all the available functionality and how it could improve her day-to-day.

It doesn’t stop after onboarding. Maggie receives a quarterly check-in to see if there are opportunities to streamline other processes with the tools at her fingertips and to brief her on the new features added regularly.

How Does DocuXplorer Compare to a Rubex Replacement?

The tiny details surprised Maggie. For instance, when paying invoices with eFileCabinet, Maggie had to manually search for files associated with customer names. DocuXplorer automatically imports QuickBooks files to where she needs them.

“There’s no searching,” Maggie explained. “It’s ‘save’ and ‘close’. That may save one minute, but when you do 100 invoices daily, that’s 100 minutes saved. DocuXplorer has reduced our time invoicing and made us more efficient.”

Key Takeaways

  • DMS migration from your current provider to DocuXplorer is seamless.
  • Test our platform before you migrate with the Pilot Program.
  • Our Onboarding Program is key to quick and successful implementation.

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