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January 6, 2021

Trophies by Edco

The Tools to Scale and Grow

Edco Awards & Specialties is a classic story of digital transformation. Starting as a family-run business with three employees, Edco Awards was just one of the pack of 60 other businesses similar to theirs. But Rick’s vision and understanding of the value of document management empowered him to grow and scale his business to 50X of his competitors. Now, he IS the pack.

“DocuXplorer saves us so much time and energy processing invoices and managing payroll records. Our ability to quickly access our documents affords us the time and resources to build, grow, and achieve the success we have. Since implementing DX, we’ve grown from three employees to 60 and are making 50X what our competitors are making."

How Rick achieved digital transformation:

At 16 years old, Rick started working alongside his mother at the company she had built. He was always looking for ways to make the business bigger and better. When his mom passed away, he inherited 52 years of filing cabinets filled with documents. One day, he watched as an employee spent 40 minutes digging around for an invoice so he could bill a customer. Rick realized he needed a better system.

“Implementing a new technology and a new way of doing things felt like a big investment, but I understood the value it would bring my business for years to come.” 

Edco has completely digitized their document processing with DocuXplorer, saving them hundreds of thousands of hours in manual tasks.

“We’ve been using DocuXplorer for 16 years. Their document management software has proven to be essential to empowering our business to grow. Without an organized system, we still would have been one of the pack, instead, we're the industry leader.”

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