Is your team working remotely?  See how DX Cloud gives them instant access to the files they need.

Document Management Professional Services

We’re here to help. The consulting team at DocuXplorer has your back, whether building out an effective organizational strategy, ensuring your data is backed up, or creating custom business process workflows.

technical support services

Personalized Support 

DocuXplorer prides itself on its industry-leading customer support. Free email support for users with current licenses is provided, in addition to a comprehensive Help Menu. 

When further support is needed, we offer several levels of pay-per-incident phone support or Super Support, an innovative solution that provides users with priority and unlimited phone and Web-based technical support with one of our trained technicians. Clients with Super Support subscriptions also have the added bonus of receiving new features, bug fixes, and other product enhancements before the scheduled release dates.

Taxonomy Consulting

Our highly trained consulting services department is ready to offer its specialized services to clients who are seeking more efficiency. Organize and restructure your document workflow, configure your import engine, and remotely access your files, among other essential tasks. Find out how we can improve your business productivity and increase your bottom line.


DX Secure Backup

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your data is safe, secure, and 100% backed up. With DX Secure Backup, you never have to worry about your hard drive crashing or your laptop being stolen. Complete with professional installation and automatic backups, the best protection possible can be yours for a highly competitive rate as a part of our document management services. Our backup service is available whether your data is hosted on-premises or in the cloud.


Hosting Services

DocuXplorer's Private Cloud Hosting secures your data on its own dedicated system. Based on server requirements provided by your company, DocuXplorer will recommend the appropriate size server and hard drive and will coordinate the migration of data. This can be done via a physical hard drive shipped from Microsoft, or done across the internet. We will assign a designated cloud server architect to monitor your cloud server every day and ensure it's up to date and backed up with our DX Secure Backup Service.


Scanning Services

You've taken the first step towards digital transformation by implementing a document management system. Now what do you do with that backlog of physical paper records? Many of our clients don't have the bandwidth to scan and index file cabinets full of records. So before you start hiring interns, let us do it for you, quickly and affordably, and check this task off your list.


Document Management Consulting

The benefits of restructuring your business workflow process can be difficult to recognize amidst the clutter of your current system. But cutting back on costs and boosting productivity can be as simple as utilizing the experience of highly-trained business process professionals. Allow our expert document management services consultants to show you the ropes.


OCR and Smart Capture Training

Learn to harness the power of Optical Character Recognition and Smart Capture to automate a document’s import process. What used to take weeks of manpower can now take just a few minutes to set up and automate. 


DocuXplorer Training  

We offer customized training to both new employees and current users on a per-hour basis to ensure you and your workforce are utilizing DocuXplorer's features at full capacity.

Automated Workflow and BPM Services

Take advantage of our expertise in workflow design and implementation by utilizing one of our consultants to build a customized workflow for your specific needs. Whether it's to manage expense reports, prospective new hire resumes, or standard operating procedure updates, our consultants will create the unique workflow you need.


API Services

Learn more about how API can integrate your tech stack or in-house software directly with DocuXplorer. If you have development expertise you can build out your own connections, but if you need some assistance, our API service will bridge the gap.

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