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Document Management Workflow Automation

DocuXplorer’s workflow designer lets you automate each step of your organization’s unique business processes. Eliminate time-consuming tasks.

November 18, 2021

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Boost your team’s speed and productivity with workflows

A key component of document management is Business Process Management (BPM). BPM workflows translate your organization’s vision into actionable business processes. The primary goal of an effective document management software workflow (DMS workflow) is to reduce or eliminate unnecessary manual tasks and automate value-added processes. 

Anatomy of a DMS Workflow

A  workflow is a collection of tasks that alerts various people to perform specific actions.  In DocuXplorer, workflows automate the process of moving a task from incomplete to complete. When a task is completed, the workflow moves it on to the next step (and next person) in the process without a user having to manually send it along. 

For example, when your administrative staff scans agreements into your document management system, a workflow can send a notification to a supervisor to notify them that a new contract requires approval. When the supervisor signs and approves the file, a workflow can notify the next staff member in line that this action has taken place. 

Workflows are all around you. Within all of the repetitive tasks that you complete each day are workflows waiting to be automated. Any task that has multiple steps that need to be sequenced is a workflow. 

Does your employee onboarding process require new hires to fill out start paperwork, which needs to be approved and filed, or training materials to be distributed? That’s a workflow. Does your team have to scan purchase orders and send them along to a manager who approves before forwarding to accounting and procurement? Bingo. We have another workflow. 

The better you become at identifying workflows, the more workflows you can automate within Docuxplorer to get your business processes moving faster than ever.

DocuXplorer comes with a library of pre-built workflows for common document processes like approvals, reminders, and  digital signatures. Clients that require customization can edit these templates, build their own workflows from scratch, or let a DX expert build it for them. 

Benefits of an Automated Workflow

Reducing Human Error

Automation reduces errors associated with manual input and manually tracked processes.  When your workflow is automated, you don’t have to worry about your team member forgetting to send a file out or neglecting to inform a manager about an urgent request. Setting up your workflows allows DocuXplorer to do it all for you.

Increasing Productivity

When your employees aren’t spending time with manual processes, they’re spending more time doing the work that really matters. Given that the average employee spends up to 522 hours a year on repetitive tasks, you could be adding the equivalent of 69 additional days of productivity each year.

After setting your automated workflow up, you can track them on a dashboard and identify if there are bottlenecks or an uneven workload and make adjustments. Your workflows will have your business processes running like a well-oiled machine. 

Boosting Efficiency 

Automation doesn’t only get your team to do their best work. When your processes are moving faster than ever, your teams can get more done during the workday. 73% of IT leaders say that automation saves their organizations between 10% to 50% of time spent doing manual tasks. When you’ve successfully incorporated workflows, you can get a significant portion of your work done with the click of your mouse.

Facilitating Remote Work

The global pandemic has ushered in a new wave of remote work that is here to stay. Companies that were still resisting digitalization were forced into the digital age. Naturally, having primarily paper-based or manual processes just doesn’t work with a remote workforce. Workflow automation is an essential component of digitalization. Remote work requires your team to streamline and limit delays as much as possible. Think of it as removing the ability to step into a manager’s office for a quick signature and replacing it with an automatic process that performs the digital equivalent. 

Supporting Growth

You cannot scale a business up if your team is spending all of their time on manual administrative tasks. As the tasks increase, you will quickly find the manual approach to be unsustainable. The efficiency and productivity gains that you get from introducing an automated workflow are exactly what you need to support rapid growth and keep costs down.  

DocuXplorer: Your Workflow Solution

DocuXplorer’s workflow designer lets you automate each step of your organization’s unique business processes. As your documents are added to a workflow, they are sent to the right people, with email notifications directing relevant users to the next steps.

Need a contract securely signed? DX comes with a prebuilt workflow for digital signatures, enabling you to send, track the status, set reminders, and store the legally binding, signed document.

DocuXplorer integrates with DocuSign, the most popular e-signature tool and ZorroSign, for blockchain encrypted legally binding digital signatures.

For power users and administrators, the DX Workflow dashboard allows you to monitor and track the status and progress of all workflows, so you can anticipate any potential issues before they happen.

DX Workflow empowers users to:

  • Build customized workflows with our easy-to-use designer
  • Track workflow tasks as they progress
  • Prioritize tasks you’re responsible for
  • Escalate overdue tasks
  • Improve departmental and organization-wide collaboration.

DX Workflows in Action

Need a refresher on how to use Workflows?

Check out our step-by-step video below.

Real-World Results

DX Workflows are powerful tools that can completely transform your document management system and empower your teams to do their best work. 

Here’s a look at the actual results DX Workflows have generated for our customers:

Case Study: Automating Approvals with Workflows 

A manufacturing company was wasting a lot of time on approvals and task management. Manual processes were keeping team members away from doing other high value tasks. They reached out to DocuXplorer to help them to solve this issue.

The DX Customer Success team helped them to set up a workflow to keep track of the tasks assigned to each employee. The workflow helped them to see how tasks were distributed throughout the team to locate bottlenecks and determine where there were imbalances in the workload. 

They were also able to set up an automated approval process by using OCR technology to identify the amount on each invoice and route it to the appropriate team members for each assigned amount.

By automating these two processes, they were able to process far more invoices per day and spend more time on other tasks. 

Results for document management solutions  can usually save clients up to 70% of the time spent on manual processes. Effectively using workflows ensures that you maximize the productivity and efficiency gains you get from DocuXplorer. Workflows enable you to better manage your team, keep track of productivity levels, make your staff happier by better managing workloads. 

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