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DocuXplorer + DocuSign Integration: Better Together

Document management systems (DMS) and e-signature software have one important thing in common: they make your work a lot easier.

June 28, 2023

DocuXplorer DocuSign document management integration

Document management systems (DMS) and e-signature software have one important thing in common: they make your work a lot easier.

Whether you’re tracking approvals for compliance reasons, or you need to get contracts signed quickly to start work promptly, when you digitize the process, you make it faster and more accurate. 

When you integrate DocuXplorer with DocuSign you will take advantage of both tools in a single, seamless experience.

Why would I use an integration?

Because you are going to use your new superpower: creating a document assembly line!

Before (a.k.a. today):

1.  Open a document
2.  Do some work
3.  Save that document
4.  Open it in another application like DocuSign
5.  Do some work there
6.  Save the document (again!)
7.  Send it to the appropriate person
8.  Move it to the next stage of operations by storing it or sending it to another person and/or file destination

After (Assembly-line-superpowered workflow):

1.  Right-click the document and choose the recipient in your DocuSign workflow
2.  Send

You will finish everything in one place in a fraction of the time without ever having to leave for another application.

Bonus: When you’re done, if you’ve created a workflow for it, you can have DocuXplorer send that signed document wherever it needs to go next, automatically!

Storage? No problem! Off to be approved by Pat? Consider it done! Need it for invoicing? Onboarding? Quoting? Send it to QuickBooks? Archive it? You’ll complete all of that and more effortlessly. Automatically.

Why DocuSign?

DocuSign is a proven digital signature solution, with over a billion users worldwide. Secure and lightning-fast signatures mean your business can cover itself legally and continue working immediately.

DocuSign handles legal signatures and DocuXplorer handles your documents. 

Since your customers already know ‘how to DocuSign’ you don’t need to have them use another application. Send them documents to sign swiftly and securely right from DocuXplorer and your customer will do their part. Seamless teamwork and low-friction results mean you get to focus on running your business instead of running multiple apps.

How do I use DocuXplorer to do that?

Every signed document in DocuSign is an “envelope.” These envelopes will live and be updated once they're signed automatically, in DocuXplorer, where they live alongside related transactions or documents. You’ll also request signatures right inside DocuXplorer.

Is it easy getting signatures?

Super simple. You saw it briefly above. Here’s a video of it at work. It’s short because it’s simple.

What about linking documents?

Once DocuSign envelopes are integrated into DocuXplorer, a world of management options opens. Inside your DMS ecosystem, you will move signed files to the next step in the process with the click of a button, minimizing delays.

Here are a few examples of what you can do with integration:

  • Set up DocuXplorer to automatically file signed agreements and link them with supporting information like quotes, invoices, or QuickBooks transactions 
  • Manage and archive signed documents
  • Tag signed documents for easy retrieval later
  • Customize search tags according to document titles, signatories, or whatever else works for you
  • Use signed documents in your business processes like invoicing, onboarding, or account provisioning

With this great power comes great flexibility that you can adapt and utilize right in the workflows your company uses today—automatically!

But is it secure?

DocuXplorer and DocuSign both take your security seriously. DocuSign is the only eSignature provider that’s ISO 27001 certified. This certification covers their entire organization and all their data centers.

With secure encryption and explicit handler permissions, DocuXplorer makes sure that signed contracts can only be viewed by credentialed users. You decide who sees what with document-level permissions settings. In addition, DocuXplorer meets the Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) to protect your information. Timestamped document audit trails, encryption, and permissions mean you can leverage DocuXplorer to stay compliant with regulations such as SEC, GDPR, HIPAA, FINRA, and more.


“Collecting signatures while matching front and back-offices’ processes enables us to offer a customer experience that outperforms even digital-first banks.”

Jonathan Holman
Head of Digital Transformation, Santander


Whether you’re 

  • Implementing paperless onboarding for HR 
  • Digitizing contracts for sales
  • Managing confidential documents for accounting and legal 

Using the DocuXplorer + DocuSign integration makes it simple, safe, and accurate.