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DocuSign Document Management Integration

Getting contracts signed has never been easier. With the DocuSign document management integration, quickly and securely send documents right from DocuXplorer for esignature using DocuSign.

September 22, 2021

DocuXplorer DocuSign document management integration

Manage Your Signed Documents with the DocuXplorer x DocuSign Integration

There was a time in the not-so-distant past when contracts and other agreements had to be manually printed and signed. In 2021, many businesses use eSignature software to speed up their agreement processes. DocuXplorer has partnered with DocuSign to integrate eSignature features for our users.

eSignatures were the solution to these issues, paving the way for the complete digital transformation of signature collection, management, and archiving processes. If your company handles large numbers of signed documents, an eSignature software may be the perfect complement to your document management system.

Watch how to DocuSign documents right from Docuxplorer

Securely manage and archive DocuSign agreements using DocuXplorer.

If your business already uses DocuSign for digital signatures, you’re in good company. Over 750,000 companies trust DocuSign with their esignature needs. But once a DocuSign envelope is completed, how do you find it again? DocuSign’s folder system can quickly grow out of control if you process thousands of signed documents.

DocuXplorer is the document management system (DMS) that helps you manage and navigate your DocuSign envelopes. With DocuXplorer, you can link any DocuSign envelope with related business records or transactions and quickly locate them today or years from now.

Top 5 Reasons to Store Signed Agreements in a DMS:

Here’s why you should be using a document management system, like DocuXplorer, to manage your signed agreements:

  1. Never have issues finding a signed document again: Locate any agreement using metadata. Using custom fields, you can write, read, manage, and search through metadata related to envelopes, recipients, and documents to allow you to classify and organize your documents so you can easily find them again with a quick search.

  2. Integrate signed documents into your business processes: Trigger post-signature processes such as invoicing, account provisioning, or onboarding. You can securely move your signed files on to the next step in the process with the click of a button, minimizing delays and ensuring that your files are a part of an organized DMS ecosystem.

  3. Set security settings and permissions: Use secure encryption to ensure that only those with credentials can view executed contracts. Confidential agreements and documents will never be accessed by unauthorized users.

  4. Record all actions: Timestamp all views and actions taken on a contract with a detailed audit trail. As your documents and agreements are signed, you will have a complete record of the file’s journey through each step in the process.

  5. Never lose a signed document again: Guarantee your contracts are always there with backups. Digitalization of your signed documents through a DMS creates an easily searchable, lasting digital record of your agreements.

Benefits of DocuSign Digital Signature Integration

Here are the benefits users have been able to get through DocuSign:

  • 50% of agreements are completed within 15 minutes. 80% are completed within a day!
  • Save an average of $36 per agreement in time and materials.
  • Automatically generate court-admissible evidence. 
  • 43 languages are supported for signing.

“Collecting signatures while matching front and back offices processes enables us to offer a customer experience that outperforms even digital-first banks.”

Jonathan Holman
Head of Digitial Transformation, Santander

Whether you want to implement a paperless onboarding process for your HR department, digitalize your signed agreements for your sales department, or securely manage confidential executive-signed documents for your accounting and legal departments, the DocuSign Integration has you covered.

‍Your Document Security Matters

In 2021, security matters more than ever. Both DocuXplorer and DocuSign are compliant with the highest standards and regulations to protect your sensitive and confidential information:

  • DocuXplorer meets the Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) to protect your information.
  • Complete document audit trails, encryption, and permissions keep you compliant with government regulations, including SEC, Sarbanes Oxley, FINRA, GDPR, HIPAA, among others.
  • DocuSign is the only eSignature provider that’s ISO 27001 certified, covering all aspects of our organization and data centers.

DocuXplorer’s seamless integration with DocuSign makes it easy to send documents out for eSignatures from within DocuXplorer.

Adding a document to the DocuSign Workflow

Adding a document to the workflow allows you to track the status of DocuSign envelopes directly within DocuXplorer.

You can also automatically file completed DocuSign agreements and link them with supporting documents like quotes, invoices, or Quickbooks transactions.

Sending a document out for a signature

Sending a document out for a signature is a 5-step process:

  1. Right-click the file you want to send for signature and select Send To → Workflow → DocuSign.
  2. Enter your DocuSign API Account ID. Where is my DocuSign API Account ID?
  3. Enter your DocuSign login credentials. (email and password)
  4. Within the DocuSign application, identify the signers and where they should sign.
  5. Finally, click send.

Your recipient will receive an email. When they click on the document within the email, a pop-up window will allow them to click the “Sign” box, input their signature, and send the signed document back to you. DocuSign will inform you via email that the document has been signed and the signed document will appear in DocuXplorer.