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DocuXplorer + WoodPro: Better Together

Integrate document management right into WoodPro to simplify audits, transactions, and more.

November 8, 2023

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Administrators in the lumber and building products industry know its unique challenges: it’s a paper-heavy job involving lots of manual steps and physical hand-offs. Now there's a powerful solution that will make your life easier and boost your business's efficiency: the integration between WoodPro ERP and DocuXplorer. 

It's a game-changer for your document management process.

WoodPro is your go-to solution, seamlessly unifying finance, distribution, logistics, and manufacturing information. It's like a super tool that cuts costs, saves time, and improves customer service. And the best part? It simplifies everything—deployment, training, licensing, upgrading, and support. It's a one-stop shop that brings it all together.

So why use an integration? 

This integration is your ticket to securely link and store all your related documents to their respective WoodPro transactions. It's a match made in heaven. 

And the benefits?

Say goodbye to the hassle of juggling paper documents! You can easily associate any of WoodPro’s related paper documents, from invoices to purchase orders and bills of lading, inside DocuXplorer. It's like connecting the dots between your physical and digital records.

Stop wasting time scanning and filing. Why not improve your day with AI Capture so all these records move automatically and get stored with their corresponding WoodPro transactions. So no more struggling to digitize and organize your physical paperwork—it's all taken care of!

Searching for documents becomes a piece of cake. With DocuXplorer's customized search functionality, you can effortlessly locate documents straight from the WoodPro interface. It's like having a personal assistant who knows exactly where everything is.

Tired of manual data entry? You’ve got this. DocuXplorer's field lookup technology automatically extracts only the information you need from WoodPro transactions. It's like magic—no more wasting time on tedious data entry and cross-referencing tasks!

Need access to your documents on the go? No problem! Access your files securely from anywhere—you choose. Whether you're at the office or chilling on a beach (lucky you!), your documents are just a few clicks away.

The details you need to know

Implementation is a breeze 

Customize the process to fit your unique needs, ensuring a smooth transition and minimal disruption to your workflow. We've got your back!

How can you move your business forward with better document management?

These days, scalable business practices aren't ‘nice-to-have’ options—they're vital to keep up. Automating recurring processes allows your business to prepare for growth and have the bandwidth to focus on improved strategy and service. Don’t waste time or money on paper, storage space, unnecessary labor costs, and printing.

Ochoco West reduces AP processing by 86% using DocuXplorer's AI and email monitoring tools.


Top Use Cases

Accounts Payable

Before, you would:

  • Receive an invoice in your email or mail
  • Determine the correct approver
  • Send the invoice to them
  • Wait for approval
  • Follow up with reminders
  • Validate the invoice with other records like POs or bills of lading
  • File the invoice
  • Add the relevant data to a spreadsheet
  • Retype this data into WoodPro
  • Create a transaction. 

And, if anyone looks for this invoice in the future, colleagues have to find the right person to get access to it. Are you exhausted yet?


  • You create a transaction in WoodPro, confident that you’re working with clean, accurate data.
  • That’s it.

As invoices are received, they're automatically routed directly to the approvers in real time, and the record is filed and tagged. Reminders are automatic. Once approved, validation is easy because associated records are easy to find. You have clean data ready to create a transaction in WoodPro without chasing down anything or anyone.


Audits are probably a headache right now, especially if you have documents scattered across various locations.

With DocuXplorer, you can centralize all your documents in one place. Need to provide records for an audit? Just create targeted searches based on the audit criteria, and voila! Quickly export the necessary records to your auditor or grant them access within DocuXplorer. It's like having an army of efficient assistants by your side.


  • Spend days or weeks collecting documents from different locations
  • Fill up conference rooms with piles of paper
  • Take up staff time looking, sorting, and delivering documentation


  • Perform a simple search and share with your auditor
  • You’re done in minutes, not days


You take security seriously. DocuXplorer meets the Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) to keep your information safe. Complete document audit trails ensure compliance with government regulations like SEC, Sarbanes-Oxley, FINRA, and GDPR. Your documents are in good hands!

So, why wait? Say goodbye to document management headaches and embrace the power of WoodPro and DocuXplorer integration. It's time to streamline your processes, save time, and improve compliance. Take your document management to the next level today!

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