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Top 5 Benefits of Incorporating Workflow in a Document Management System

While document mangement is the first step to achieving a paperless office, automated workflows drastically improve productivity, enabling businesses to focus on growth and scalability.

October 18, 2019

team of people designing business workflow

Business processes are a series of recurring actions needed to execute tasks. Creating workflows enables businesses to automate the movement of documents through a series of actions. Business processes are streamlined by eliminating manual data entry, document sharing, and personal reminders, increasing productivity while saving time and money.

Business process management (BPM), such as automating workflows, is indispensable to help teams collaborate on projects; aid organizations adhere to consistent business processes and enhance organizational performance and efficiency.

DocuXplorer’s document management system includes a built-in workflow manager. Choose from prebuilt approval processes or digital document signing workflows, or build your own custom process. With DocuXplorer’s document management solution, not only can businesses go paperless, they can improve the efficiency of handling their documents. 

Top 5 benefits of incorporating workflow and business process management in a document management system:

1 - Accountability

By defining users and tasks in a workflow, each member is visibly accountable for fulfilling their duties. Automated notifications help keep processes on track and on time.

2 - Error reduction

Automating document indexing reduces human-error and the costly hours spent tracking down and fixing mistakes. 

3 - Communication

By automating document routing, business processes won't be slowed down by manual document sharing. As soon as documents are added to the system, they’ll be indexed and shared with the intended user. 

4 - Productivity

Eliminating the need to manually track documents one by one as they pass between users and departments frees up countless staff hours. Staff no longer need to request follow-ups or status reports and can refocus on revenue producing actions.

5 - Oversight

The workflow dashboard gives a high-level overview of all active workflows tracking their statuses. Administrators can identify slowdowns before they become an issue.

Automating your business processes with document management workflows reduces errors and increases productivity reducing company overhead. Most importantly it enables your staff to devote more time and energy making data driven decisions and performing value-adding tasks.