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Document Management 101

How Document Management Software Impacts Productivity

Keep your team connected and productive, wherever they're working, while saving money on document storage and processing costs.

July 1, 2020

remote working

In a tight economy, with the majority of safe working remotely, many companies are looking for affordable ways to boost productivity without making huge capital investments. Have you considered implementing document management software, such as DocuXplorer, to help your company better its margins? Document management software is being adopted in droves by companies to help them not only streamline document processing and decision making, but to ensure their staff have access to the right documents, wherever they're working.

Helps Remote Workers

DocuXplorer is accessible anywhere with an internet connection using either the DX Web Client or DX Cloud. Your security settings and permissions are the same online as they are on your desktop. DocuXplorer also utilizes 256-bit SSL encryption to keep your connection safe.

Makes Accessing Files a Breeze

Document management software, such as DocuXplorer, doesn’t force you to adopt any specific taxonomy. The beauty of this software is that it is fully customizable; allowing you to create a filing system that basically mirrors your real world experience. If you feel you can benefit from a tweaking of your current system, DocuXplorer consultants can help review your system to eliminate any existing inefficiencies which may be holding your company back. Once your new online filing system is implemented you will find that your company’s employees are able to access files instantly, as per entitlements you set up. You deem who is allowed to view what type of files.

Filing Items is Simple and Fast

One of the top benefits of document management software like DocuXplorer is that its interface is easy for most employees to use as it resembles Windows' File Explorer. When employees are comfortable maneuvering around the system, this makes adoption rates greatly increase, and the software becomes heavily used and relied upon. This in turn, pushes employees to tweak it and to ensure that information is correct and up-to-date. Document management software not only gives employees a simple and easy way to file items, but given that it seamless integrates with Microsoft Office and QuickBooks, it also makes importing these files into this system quite painless through a Print-Save function.

Save Money on Storage and Equipment

Lastly, document management software helps companies to realize savings over the long and short-term – money which would normally be devoted to physical file storage can then be spent on other vital projects. Since soft copy file storage is cheaper and utilizes only a fraction of what physical storage files require, companies can realize a huge savings that they may not have been counting on, but otherwise benefit from never-the-less.

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