Is your team working remotely?  See how DX Cloud gives them instant access to the files they need.
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Document Management Web Access

Online document management by DocuXplorer gives your staff access to what they need in and out of the office. Add & find documents on any device, wherever you are.

DX web access

DocuXplorer’s web-based document management system allows desktop users to add and access any file remotely.

Benefits of web-based document management:

Remote Document Access.
Access your data online, anytime, on your mobile, tablet, or computer safely and securely using your preferred web browsers including Windows IE, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Apple Safari. 

Robust Security.
Have peace of mind knowing that DocuXplorer security settings and permissions are the same in our Web Client as in our desktop version. Information viewed through our Web Client can utilize 256-bit SSL encryption.

Full Document Search.
Search through the entire contents of documents for no extra charge. 

Lightning Fast Speed.
Whether you are searching for files by keyword or by index sets, the speed to locate specific files can be measured in seconds.

Quick and Easy Setup.
Our web-based document management is the same simple installation as our desktop version, with no special requirements from any third-party application.

“DocuXplorer has made our records instantly available to our adjusters, our support staff, and our clients, whether they're at their desks, or on the road.”

- Ed McKinnon, Claims ResourceManagement, Inc.

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