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Microsoft Office Document Management Integration

DocuXplorer integrates seamlessly with Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

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Whether your team spends most of their workday in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, or Outlook, you can quickly and easily transition to document management without disrupting productivity. 

Key benefits of Microsoft Office document management:

Save to DX without leaving MS programs.

The DX toolbar in MS Office programs allows users to save documents and emails directly to DocuXplorer. You can even mandate saving files directly to DocuXplorer, ensuring all documents are housed within the document management system securely with an audit trail.

Edit MS files within DX.

Make edits to Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files from within the DocuXplorer preview window. No need to toggle between programs. 

Instant access. 

You can save searches or routinely opened documents directly to your desktop for instant access to files that require immediate attention.

Save emails and attachments.

Save emails with or without attachments and attach previously stored documents to new emails within Outlook.

Convert MS Office documents to searchable PDFs.

Using DocuXplorer’s built-in print driver, Microsoft Office files can be converted into PDFs preventing unauthorized changes or edits.

Track all changes on every file.

Maintain a complete audit trail, with full version control of each stored document.

Access anywhere.

Remotely access all documents with the DX Web Client or DX Cloud.

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