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Compliance Document Management

If your business collects information about customers, prospects, or employees you'll need a system in place to ensure compliance with privacy regulations. Document management enables compliance and keeps you focused on your business, not regulations.

January 15, 2020

list of government information security regulations

Businesses, small and large, are held to strict compliance regulations on the state and federal level concerning records security, sharing, and retention. Failing to meet these requirements can lead to breach of contracts, sanctions, and civil or criminal offenses. 

If your business keeps records that include Personal Identifiable Information (PII), financial data, or medical records you’ll need a system in place to ensure the data is securely stored, securely shared, and properly retained for set periods of time. Document Management Software enables businesses to maintain compliance and manage any data audit with ease.

DocuXplorer’s compliance document management keeps you compliant with HIPAA, NASD, SEC, SOX, FINRA, GDPR, ISO, Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, FIPS and FDA regulations for document security, confidentiality, document and record life-cycle retention management and audit trails. The system’s user-friendly File Explorer-style interface requires no technical expertise to operate, so your team can get started fast. 

Benefits of DocuXplorer compliance document management:

  • Track document versions
  • 'Check-in/check-out' documents
  • 256-bit SSL encryption
  • Define user, role and group based permission access
  • Log every action taken on a document
  • Import any digital or scanned-in file
  • Securely share documents over a network or in the cloud
  • Automatically route documents for approvals and signatures
  • Regularly backup all documents to a secondary database