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DX Secure Backup: Digital Disaster Recovery System

Not all backups are the same. Protect your data with DocuXplorer’s disaster recovery service.

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Why Back Up Your Data?

Hosting your own servers can be risky business. Ransomware, outages, corrupted data, crashes, human error, and hardware theft are all common occurrences that can compromise your business.

50% of all hard drives will crash after five years and the costs associated with a data center failure are in the hundreds of thousands of dollars for SMBs. DX Secure Backup is a disaster recovery plan to protect your business from devastating outcomes.

Your data isn’t truly protected if you’re not performing routine, redundant backups. Regular system testing, auditing, and reporting is essential for effective backups. If the system isn't operating correctly, you're at risk. If you can't access backed up files, they're useless.

When you're a DocuXplorer client, you're in control of the important files critically impacting your business, but you shouldn’t stop there. Subscribing to DX Secure Backup offers a quick, affordable solution to make sure your data saved in DocuXplorer is always there, whether it’s self-hosted or in the Cloud. DX Secure Backup is a true online safety deposit box for your files.

Subscribers will enjoy the peace of mind and flexibility that comes from protecting their assets with top of the line, AES-256 encrypted, automatic backup.

From installation and daily monitoring to full-service restore, your data is safe with us. DX Secure Backup provides data backup and recovery for all assets saved within DocuXplorer.

I already back up my system, what makes this backup different?

No rolling back to your last backup. Most system backups can only roll back to a date before the incident, if this was a day, week, or months ago, you will lose all the changes to the system after that backup. With DX Secure Backup, we restore only what was lost or damaged, leaving everything else intact.

Live restore, zero downtime. DX Secure Backup professionals can recover and restore your documents without disrupting your team at work.

Restore directly in app. Find out how your IT provider defines recovery. Delivering your application data as a giant .CSV file would take your IT team tons of time and manual effort to rebuild your file structure, reimport and restore it back into your applications, and then validate it before your team can get back to work. This takes considerable time, effort, and downtime for your staff. A DX Secure Backup professional is trained to recover and restore the missing or damaged files directly into DocuXplorer with all customization and metadata intact, as it originally appeared.

No restore fees. Many backup services only cover backing up your data, an extra fee is charged when something goes wrong and you need your data restored to the system. With DX Secure Backup this is included. Whether you need to recover one file or the whole system, there are no surprise fees.

What's included with DX Secure Backup?

Professional installation. Our engineers are trained to install, test, and confirm that your DX Secure Backup process was 100% successful.

Faster backups. We keep your network traffic low-impact by only backing up new or updated data in DocuXplorer.

Custom retention period. Tailored to your needs, whether it's just for the last month's worth of backups or indefinitely.

Secure automatic backup. Backups are scheduled at your convenience and are protected with AES-256 encryption, one of the most trusted and secure encryption methods available.

Daily backup verification reporting. DocuXplorer monitors your backups and sends you a daily confirmed report, ensuring that your data is there when you need it most.

Full-service recovery. A dedicated DocuXplorer engineer will handle restoration in record time. Whether it’s replacing a single lost document or your entire library, you're never on your own.

Ongoing Support. With DX Secure Backup, all of your data stored in DocuXplorer is backed up to Amazon's cloud server (AWS) on a daily basis. In the event of a data disaster, our technical support engineers are here to help. We can quickly find the root of the problem and provide long-lasting solutions to prevent recurrences.

Ready to secure your data?