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Document Management 101

The Key to Adoption Success

DocuXplorer's personalized training empowers users with the tools and support they need to transform daily work into a more efficient and satisfying experience.

March 7, 2024

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Your journey to effortless efficiency begins with our hands-on support.

Adopting new software is more than just a technical change - it's a step toward enhancing your work experience, improving accuracy, and saving time.

But, new technology often goes unused since it’s challenging for end users to see the benefit of change.

Our approach to software adoption focuses on making your job easier every day. We create role-specific training that directly addresses your needs. This means you can immediately see how DocuXplorer solves your daily challenges, turning a learning curve into a path toward effortless business processes.

What to expect

Adopting DocuXplorer is saying yes to a partnership. From you, we ask for openness to learning and a bit of your time to engage with our training. In return, you'll learn ways to make your workday smoother and your tasks more manageable.

At the highest level, DocuXplorer adoption starts with taxonomy. The more organized your system’s structure is from the beginning, the better it will perform in the long run. With an optimized document management strategy, you’ll start off on the right foot.

Our expert trainers help you realize what you need to do your work effectively: your pain points with documentation, time-saving opportunities, and the essential tasks the software can make easier for you.

Once you develop your unique taxonomy and your system is set up and tested, it’s time to get your team in and feeling confident. They’ll engage in three hours of highly interactive training sessions. During these sessions, users practice the core functionality of DocuXplorer – adding documents, capturing metadata, and, most importantly, learning to easily find one document among hundreds of thousands. 

We continue advancing your familiarity with the software with each session and address any questions with the goal of leaving you empowered and excited to use the new tools once you finish training.


“Our agency has received excellent training from the Account Managers at Docuxplorer. We have had several training sessions and each one has been fulfilling and informative. Matt and Sara are a wealth of knowledge and their training is easy to follow, detailed and they make it fun and interesting. Matt and Sara are patient, a pleasure to work with and always available to answer any and all questions.”

Leslie Johnson
Deputy Director,
Maryland State Board for the Certification of Residential Child Care

From training to mastery

Our training approach gives users a micro-level view of the software and encourages them to focus on their essential tasks as they learn to use it. This helps users connect the dots between the software’s capabilities and their workflow.

Key components of adoption training include:

  • Understanding the impact of organizing your documents. Imagine starting your day knowing everything you need is at your fingertips, organized in a way that makes sense for your role.
  • A mix of theoretical and hands-on coaching and ongoing follow-up sessions.
  • Post-launch support and training for power users. One or two power users on larger teams can set an example for others, help answer questions, and drive consistent use of the software.

Here’s a closer look at how our training is delivered over the three sessions to maximize user adoption.

Session 1: Adding documents

In the first session, you learn to add, change, and move documents in your document library. While some users frequently scan files, others might add files from Microsoft Office applications or need to capture them from third-party applications. The training ensures you’ll continue your existing routine with the new system.

We also cover how to move documents from one folder to another and add information to the document library when there are no physical files, such as when managing physical assets.

Session 2: Finding documents

In the second training session, you’ll get comfortable with the DocuXplorer interface and learn how to run various searches. The robust search capacity built into DocuXplorer allows you to quickly find the documents you need, whether searching by metadata, embedded content, or multiple search layers.

You’ll also learn to create saved searches, allowing you to perform repeated searches with one click.

Session 3: Security and automation

In this session, you learn to set and adjust permissions according to your organization’s hierarchy. This means you’ll always control who has access to what, keeping you secure and compliant.

You’ll also learn to utilize DocuXplorer’s built-in automation and integration tools so your document management system works for you, not vice versa. With DocuXplorer Workflows, you can create and execute an automated process, such as getting approvals or setting reminders on a document. You can use DocuXplorer’s AI Capture to instantly extract data from any digital or handwritten document.

This session also teaches you how to use the taxonomy wizard to automatically set up and customize new cabinets and folders when linking DocuXplorer to a new department.

Finally, you’ll learn how to get help when you need it, whether that means searching for information within the interface or getting support from your dedicated DocuXplorer advocate.

Building an efficient future together

Software training should be straightforward and hassle-free. It should transform how you approach your day-to-day tasks and give you all the necessary tools to continue improving.

Beyond our adoption training, we support you with quarterly success calls, a wealth of online resources, and access to a community of power users. As you gain confidence with DocuXplorer, you'll find even more ways to streamline your day, making your work life more efficient and rewarding.

“I know that our agency will have a better streamlined system using Docuxplorer. This new system will allow the staff to easily locate and store information right from their computers. Anyone who enlists assistance from the Docuxplorer team will be totally satisfied.”

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