Product Updates

DocuXplorer 2019 Release History

Releases 7.5.199252 -

Desktop New Features:

  1. The Merge Documents feature now has the added option of deleting the source documents after the process completes
  2. Added support to access system variables during calculated OCR processes
  3. Added support for changing index page size for larger datasets
  4. Added support to Drag and Drop system variables for calculated OCR values
  5. Added Support to OCR PDF documents
  6. Zone OCR Confidence levels
  7. Auto generated OCR Zone

Desktop Enhancements:

  1. Update help topics
  2. Updated language translation
  3. Updated folder selection dialogs
  4. Improved regular expressions for date, currency and numeric values
  5. Help topics updated
  6. Translation text updated
  7. Added process to extract extend file information to be used with Auto Indexing values
  8. Added API support for data entry's lookup field processing
  9. Added folder monitoring with Import Engine services
  10. Added option for Find Document dialog. DocuXplorer will pass the Full Text Search criteria to Adobe when the document is opened. This will enable the user to locate the page in which the criteria is located.
  11. Added BarCode and QR now report OCR confidence levels

Desktop Resolved Issues:

  1. FIXED: API Delete Document
  2. FIXED: Enterprise version of exporting taxonomy
  3. FIXED: conversion of documents to .pdf while source application is open
  4. FIXED: document refresh grid when pasting documents
  5. FIXED: Security warnings were not disabled in Outlook 2016 32-bit after installing Outlook updates (Version 1807 build 10325.20036).
  6. FIXED: Import jobs are now saved automatically.
  7. FIXED: Password complexity rules for expiration date
  8. FIXED: Password complexity rules when adding new user accounts

Web Client New Features:

  1. Update help topics
  2. Updated language translation

Web Client Resolved Issues:

  1. No Issues reported

Web Client Special Note: Press Ctrl F5 in the browser the first time you access the login page. This will clear your browser’s cache so the new feature will take effect.