Product Updates

DocuXplorer 2010 Release History

Releases - 

New Features:

  1. Support for Vista and Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit)
  2. Automation of text extract from PDF files to assist with full text searches (see Tools, Options, Workstation help for details)
  3. Added API command to execute Import Jobs
  4. Added support for QuickBooks 2010
  5. Added support for PeerNet Raster Print Driver (converts files to jpeg, bmp and thirty other file formats)
  6. Added Library permissions for Print Display and Export Display list from the Find Document Dialog
  7. Added new default Index Set call "My Index Set" as a default replacement for "All Documents" that users can modify
  8. Library tree folder will now open automatically when using Drag & Drop operation
  9. Added security permission for DocuXplorer Inbox 
  10. Updated Help functionality.
  11. Made an update to the v9.10.0.9 database server for clients that purchased the original version 9 server.
  12. The ability to filter Document List view is now enabled.
  13. Hyperlink edit control now supports urls, email addresses and local file names.
  14. A new registration process enables DocuXplorer Personal, Professional & Small Business versions to be moved between computers
  15. Small business functions have been expanded (see help document for new features).
  16. Add Document ID now included in the list of index fields that can be seen.
  17. Document viewers now support all 'Send To' options, i.e. Document List View.
  18. Added support to allow auto extracting of text from imported emails.
  19. Support for Sybase Advantage version 10 database server (Novell, Linux, Windows XP and greater, 32 or 64 bit) is now available.
  20. Support for Microsoft Office 2010 is now available.
  21. Support for Microsoft ie9 Beta.


  1. Updated Help
  2. When adding a new document and selecting the "Place in Folder" option in the Document Viewer, the display for the Index information is changed to the selected folder’s default Index Set
  3. Import Engine: Index Set Auto Index values are now ignored if a value has been assigned for the Index set column in the import file.
  4. To limit the mistake of changing a value when previewing a document, the Wheel Mouse function in Lookup lists has been disabled
  5. The "Auto Fit Width" option for an Index Set column now has a checkmark placed next to it, so users know when the option has been turned on or off
  6. When adding multiple items from Outlook, you are not prompted for indexing information for each item separately
  7. When in trial mode, the ability to disconnect and connect Cabinet and Drawers is disabled
  8. Applications updates can be applied only by a DocuXplorer user account that has administrative permissions
  9. Read access is only required for the ads.ini configuration file unless the database connection information needs to be changed.
  10. Previously embedded hyperlinks had to be urls. Users can now embed a file location or email address
  11. If a default print driver for document conversion has not been assigned, the most recent version that is installed will be selected.
  12. Find Document dialogue and search by field column editors now show edit buttons all the time.
  13. Users can now print a document from within DocuXplorer using the Docuxplorer PDF print driver.
  14. When multiple documents are printed, emailed or exported, only a single Event Log description is now required.
  15. Added API support to handle multi-line text values when adding documents.
  16. Enabled all DocuXplorer system fields to be selected as part of the export file name properties of an index set.
  17. User and Group lists are no longer expanded (for easier viewing) when viewed from cabinets, drawers, folders or documents.
  18. User and Group lists are now sorted in ascending order by default.
  19. Support for version 9 of all peernet print drivers is now available.
  20. Connection path folder editor improved to speed up connection dialog display.

Resolved Issues:

  1. When printing tiff files, the option to print current page would always print page one.
  2. Better support for handling multiple print drivers from
  3. Better support for QuickScan options
  4. Fixed data entry issues with Security Users and Groups
  5. Correct matrix as to when an Edit Mask can be used with each field type and edit control
  6. When entering edit mode in the document list view, the cursor would sometimes jump to another document
  7. Fixed exception when adding a new document and the last default location was moved or deleted
  8. Fixed exception when using "Place in Folder" and there is no Cabinet defined
  9. After a DocuXplorer document viewer is minimized and then restored, the DocuXplorer desktop would show itself when the ShowHideDesktop API was used.
  10. Fixed "Inactivity logout time" not maintaining its value
  11. Fixed install issue with IE8 and Windows 7, Duplicate Tab functions fails after install
  12. When more users are trying to access DocuXplorer than there are licenses owned, a user is now prompted with a warning message and the program is then closed.
  13. The Getting Started guide will only be shown within a trial version of DocuXplorer if a cabinet was not created.
  14. An exception is now raised if a field selection for an 'Export Field Names' exceeded the field selection limitations.
  15. A text file is now left behind after importing PDF files.
  16. After items in the document list view are deleted, there is now a corrected row selection process.
  17. The page count in the document list view will now be updated after an attachment has been deleted from a document.
  18. When selecting a comma separated value (.CSV) format while exporting a document list, the file extension is now changed to a .txt format.
  19. The "Create New" option in the Document Image Viewer is now disabled when document access is set to read-only.
  20. The OCR process is now disabled in Document Image Viewer when the index information is set to read-only.
  21. Blank index set field values are no longer included in Export File names.
  22. Menu items that did not update their status or perform any actions have been fixed.
  23. The inbox now maintains its path when DocuXplorer is restarted.
  24. Icons on the Index Set Column Header bar are now displayed in 16 bit video resolution.
  25. Main Window and document positions now save correctly
  26. Exception fixed when pressing Ctrl-C while selecting a record within-in Event log or Document Version record.