Product Updates

DocuXplorer 2023 Release History

DocuXplorer 2023


Desktop New Features

  1. Docuxplorer supports both 32 and 64 bit architectures
  2. AI Capture services now have User defined properties to determine what pagesshould be process
  3. Support for Windows Microsoft Edge (Chromium).
  4. Email Assist with AI Capture support
  5. Email Assist Lookup support for AI Templates and Workflows assignment

Desktop Enhancements

  1. Improved start up time for Docuxplorer application
  2. New application Error logging and reporting support
  3. New Printer supports for PDF and Tiff file conversions
  4. New Printer has faster processing speeds
  5. New Printer provide a progress monitor
  6. New Printer support for hosted services
  7. Improved user interface for Email
  8. Improved user interface for Email Assistant
  9. Improved user interface for Import Engine
  10. Improved user interface for AI Capture
  11. Updated security code signatures for all executables and .dlls

Desktop Resolved Issues

  1. Updated Full text search index processing

Web Client Resolved Issues

  1. Web Client account drop down correct
  2. Web Client document list view grouping correct
  3. Web Client negative numbers supported for data entry


Desktop New Features:

  1. Add support for for Azure Forms Recognizer 3.0
  2. Add support for Global or local Email address settings for workflow processing
  3. Add support to allow all pdf’s functions e.g. insert, append, merge, export, encrypt, and print functions to be run in a background thread
  4. Add support for PDF print driver to allow for multiple profiles High Color, Low Color and Black and White
  5. Add support for Free Office application to work with DX for word processing, spread sheets and email applications
  6. Add support for to warn a user before altering a digital signed document
  7. Add Support for business date calculation in workflows
  8. Add Support for Import Engine to not run a job again if an error occurred while Run Continuously is selected
  9. Add Support for AI Document Indexing
  10. Add Support for workflow’s to adjust Edit fields at runtime e.g. Update Task user defined Fields

Desktop Enhancements:

  1. Import Engine log provide more information about each job execution details
  2. Import Engine progress bar to show number of document being processed
  3. Import Engine enable user delay between execution of all jobs
  4. Import Engine Email Assistant; enable the ability to download documents defined in hyperlinks from the body of the message
  5. Import Engine improved threading and progress presentation
  6. Import Engine for continuous running import job a heart beat email can be sent every x hours
  7. Improved scripting engine dialog feed back for error messages
  8. Implement scripting abilities to import processes, index sets and OCR processing
  9. Improved Document conversion process when third party programs do not complete their printing process.
  10. Improved Import Engine Email Assistant Import mapping process for email values to DX field values
  11. New scripting command to move workflow attachment to any Cabinet location
  12. Add OAuth and Multi Factor authentication for third party email communications
  13. Updated Outlook integration security features and ribbon bar selections

Desktop Resolved Issues:

  1. PDF Printer fixes and enhancements

Web Client New Features:

  1. No Issues reported

Web Client Resolved Issues:

  1. No Issues reported

Press Ctrl F5 in the browser the first time you access the login page. This will clear your browser’s cache so the new feature will take effect.