Product Updates

DocuXplorer 2009 Release History

Releases -

New Features:

  1. Vista compatibility
  2. Added Library Event Log to record when a document was opened by a user
  3. Ability to create multiple folders and sub-folders in a drawer simultaneously. The folder list can be saved as a template to be retrieved for future use
  4. New menu option "Open Library As" is available when the library option "Login required" is selected
  5. DocuXplorer Print Driver now prompts user for DocuXplorer folder location
  6. User can control interface look and feel
  7. New full install contains a Templates folder with templates for Cabinet structures, Folder structures and pre-defined Index Sets
  8. Added limited support for Canadian and UK versions of QuickBooks
  9. Created permissions to allow specific users to modify Permission Properties to specified objects
  10. Drag and Drop operation supported from Find Dialog Window to Document List view and Library Tree view
  11. Users can save searches as documents. Saved Search Documents can be exported to the Desktop or attached to emails to create workflows or notify groups of users to view sets of documents
  12. Find Document Window enables users to save search criteria as a document
  13. Library Event Log supports new data grids providing print, export, sort group and a host of new functions
  14. New Text field edit control allows for multiple items to be selected from a Static Data List
  15. Checkbox editor now works for both text and integer fields
  16. New edit control "Static Color Lookup" allows users to color code lookup items for faster visual selection
  17. Document Selection function allows users to select documents from any folder in a cabinet to add to a list of documents to be merged or attached to an email. Selection lists can be saved as Saved Search Documents for reuse
  18. Enhancements to the DocuXplorer integration with MS Outlook to force users to save sent and received documents to a folder in DocuXplorer
  19. New edit control "Hyperlink" allows a user to enter an email address, web address and local file paths
  20. While performing data entry, field captions that start with an icon indicate the field requires data entry
  21. When Event Logging is enabled, all Find Document criteria is logged
  22. When Event Logging is enabled, an option is available to require users to provide a description when emailing, printing or exporting documents
  23. Built in document viewer support for Adobe 9.x and all versions of MS Office basic products
  24. Administrative feature to disable the Print Screen keyboard option for document confidentiality compliance
  25. Support for Internet Explorer 8
  26. 64-bit support for Windows and Linux servers
  27. New application programming interface method [CloseDocuxplorer] - see API help for details
  28. Developers can completely hide the DocuXplorer desktop interface when executing Add and Find Document functions
  29. Administrators can now set permissions on the Caption field
  30. Users can create a parent folder from the selected folder without having to go to the parent folder first
  31. Power Point now supports DocuXplorer toolbar
  32. New install to support Windows 7
  33. API changes (see help for more details)
  34. Added feature to hide or show DocuXplorer desktop when it is called from QuickBooks (see Tools->Options->QuickBooks Dialog)
  35. MS Office "Save As" command now enables the user to Save a document stored in DX as a new document
  36. Added support for SMTP mail client (see help for more details)
  37. Added more document event logging events (see help for more details)
  38. Within the Folder List view, enabled various grouping presentations for date/time index fields
  39. Added properties under Tools->Options->Administrative to speed-up viewing of very large Library Event Logs


  1. Updated Help
  2. Warning message is displayed when a document reaches a maximum recommended size
  3. Printer driver selection for the document conversion process can now be disabled
  4. Added additional menu hot keys for the Document Viewer Dialog
  5. Added Auto Indexing values for {EmailReceivedTime} and {EmailSentOn} for Outlook email items
  6. Added Document property to control the length of time to wait before the associated application window closes.
  7. All dialogs now support the {Esc} key performing the same operation as Alt+F4 (close window).
  8. Support for Microsoft Remote Desktop for Windows XP computers
  9. Uses can now disable Index Sets from being automatically saved when Index Set properties are set
  10. Export File Names now include a delimiter instead of a space
  11. Active User List Dialog box includes additional columns and menu functions
  12. Import Engine can now support the creation of sub folders with embedded single quotes (') in the folder name
  13. Import of Index Set now resets the Created Date so that it now overrides an existing Index Set contained in other Cabinets
  14. Import Engine now supports processing multiple jobs and import tables from within a database or directory
  15. Import Engine supports new data grids providing print, export, sort group and a host of new functions
  16. Added QuickBooks field "P.O. Number" to "DX-QB Bank" Index Set
  17. Removed the ability to deny users the permission to add documents to the Recycle Bin
  18. Added API call to show or Hide the DocuXplorer desktop
  19. Library Option "Inactivity Time Out" is now a global property. All workstations will be affected simultaneously by changes to that setting
  20. Folder permission now indicates the name of the parent object of the permission being inherited
  21. The "Place in Folder" dialog now maintains the last location used for all operations
  22. Added Auto-Index Variable {EmailBody} for Outlook emails
  23. Force users to add new, sent or received, emails to DocuXplorer from MS Outlook
  24. Full Text Delimiters are modifiable via Decimal values instead of High Bit codes
  25. Integration with MS Outlook will now work for Task items
  26. File Extension defaults in <Tools> <Options> now updates the operating system to allow "Browse in same Window" and disables security warnings when using DocuXplorer's document preview windows
  27. Increased performance by 30% for adding documents when Full Text Indexing is enabled for a Drawer (Existing Full Text Indexes need to be disabled and reenabled for changes to take effect)
  28. Added Hint/Field Description property to all fields to aid user understanding of embedded and user defined fields
  29. Imported speed and reliability for PDF conversions and merge operations
  30. Mouse Scroll button is supported for full page tiff images
  31. When merging documents the index information for the focused document is used for the new document
  32. Merged documents are added together in the order they appear in the document list view.
  33. API Update now combines the show/hide desktop command with any other command. See help for details
  34. Enhancements to the Replication Field Value, Assign a different Index Sets for a group of documents via the Index Set Name column
  35. 'Contains' function in Find Dialog now supports multiple conditional statements - e.g. (Tommy Jones) or (Pamela Anderson)....
  36. Document List view displays 30% faster, 10,000 documents in just under seven seconds
  37. Enable right click popup menu in the "Index Set Field Properties" dialog to allow a user to reset a fields properties to the systems defaults
  38. Reassign Column values not works for selected Documents within the Document List view
  39. When deleting an Index Set from the library, DocuXplorer will now search each cabinet and delete the Index Set if it not in use by other documents
  40. When making a duplicate copy of a document the text "Copy of" is add to the Index Field "Caption"
  41. 'All Documents' Index Set includes additional default fields
  42. Improved validation for a default field's value in field property dialog
  43. Place in folder dialog now allows users to create new folders on the fly
  44. Auto-Update now allows a user to select the computer name to check for product updates
  45. The process of updating Index Sets to the latest product version are now processed automatically
  46. The insert and append dialogs in the Document Viewer now showing all files as the default view instead of just .tiff files
  47. Column width for index field File Type can now be widened so user can see text behind the icon
  48. New Lookup items added to document types field for All Documents Index Set
  49. To help identify copies of documents and duplicated subject field title, appends with the text "Duplicate of <Original subject text>"
  50. Updated Help
  51. Quick Scan options have been simplified - see program help for details
  52. "Replicate Field Values" function now available to all users with permission to modify index data
  53. New documents added to a folder are brought into focus on the Document List View
  54. DocuXplorer tray icon now supports add and find document functions
  55. Speed improved when in edit mode within the Document List
  56. Improved support for Vista Aero & Dialog look and feel
  57. Find Document Dialog: directory location are preserved for Import/Export of find document criteria
  58. Ctrl Del keys can be used to clear integer field values
  59. Updated PDF support for merge, getting page count and keyword functions
  60. Changed Event Log subject value from document name to Export File Name
  61. Added optimization option for the Library Event Log. Select Tools->Option->Administrative for new properties

Resolved Issues:

  1. Menu Items for Small Business that are not applicable have been removed
  2. Paste function on the folder popup menu now works properly when copying documents
  3. When the option "send original file of imported document to the recycle bin" is selected users can now cancel the process without losing the document.
  4. The annotation tool icon does not change back to the selection tool after use.
  5. Printing within the Associated Document View is more reliable
  6. In the Create Folder menu the enabled property has been fixed
  7. Documents are saved properly when version limits have been reached.
  8. Security restriction on Memo fields fixed
  9. All dialogs updated for consistent look and feel
  10. Index Set "Export Field Names" respect security restrictions
  11. Unique file names are now created for Export, email and document conversion processes
  12. Selective page Batch OCR process fixed
  13. Setting permission from cabinet folder fixed
  14. Trying to drag and drop a document on a cabinet and/or drawer no longer raises an exception
  15. Min and Max limits for an Integer field is fixed
  16. Add-in for MS Outlook no longer raises an error when the user selects the Root Folder & presses "Save In DX"
  17. Add-in for MS Word now will work properly even if the user does not have access to their file
  18. Add-in for MS Outlook add will work properly when Word is selected as the Email Editor
  19. Trailing blank characters are now automatically removed from DocuXplorer registration code (this caused a problem with auto-updated return with subscription out of date issues)
  20. Exception raised when group bar was selected along with documents when performing a Document List view action
  21. SendTo feature within Windows Explorer now works properly within the DocuXplorer inbox
  22. Each Index Set will need to viewed and altered (e.g. widen a column) so it can be saved to the new format
  23. The following Index Settings need to be reestablished due to a new and more powerful document list view grid:
  24. Select sort column and sort orders
  25. Redefining multi-line displays
  26. When converting MS Word to PDF via the DocuXplorer Print driver, MS Word has to close before conversion
  27. Import job definitions will need to be recreated
  28. When converting MS Word to PDF with the DocuXplorer print driver, MS Word must be closed before conversion
  29. Older versions of the DocuXplorer library did not contain a Build Number, causing a warning message that a data conversion was need
  30. All Document Index Set is now sorted by Subject by default (as it used to be in a prior version)
  31. Create/Connect dialog, user were able to uncheck internet and intranet connections
  32. Scan Dialog raised exception when deleting a page
  33. Exception raised when saving a new saved search to a folder other than the default
  34. Max Cabinet/Drawer size limit was unable to be changed to the new system limit of 30 gigabytes
  35. Add Document->From Template Folder no longer raises an exception
  36. Permission would be lost on a folder when copied
  37. Product registration button would be shown, even if product was registered
  38. Fixed problem with All Document Fields not showing when security is turned on
  39. Tiff print driver now works properly when merging document
  40. DocuXplorer is now brought into focus when using the DocuXplorer Print Driver
  41. Memory Management improved
  42. When pressing F2 (Edit Mode), new index change is now applied
  43. Memo fields now process the tab key properly
  44. A blank value can now be set without the need for it to be in the Static Lookup list.
  45. Send To->Windows folder now memorizes the last location a document was saved to
  46. Edit Menu now respects which object the user has selected and performs the proper action
  47. DocuXplorer-Link file works more reliably
  48. Add Document menu items are grayed when Library tree was selected
  49. Updated Library menu items Open, Close, Connect and Login
  50. When && symbols appeared in file name, document viewer would not close properly
  51. Scan Dialog would raise error when selecting 'cancel'
  52. All API functions that displayed Dialogs now come to the foreground more reliably
  53. Desktop and Document Viewer form positions not saved properly
  54. Exporting of Index Set raised error if caption contain illegal characters
  55. Short-cut link files did not always work properly
  56. Better support to read and manipulate PDF files created by third party products
  57. Printing from the Document Viewer and then the folder list view does not cause a problem now