Product Updates

DocuXplorer 2011 Release History

Releases - 

New Features:

  1. Added support for industry-standard stream cipher 160-bit encryption for intranet/lan communications.
  2. Import engine can now update existing documents with user-defined Index Key fields.
  3. Support for Advantage Database v9.10.0.22.
  4. Support for Advantage Database v10.10.0.0.
  5. Added support for network trouble-shooting tools.
  6. Added support for default communication via TCP/IP.
  7. Added support for international date formats (e.g. dd.MMM.yyyy).
  8. Compatible with Internet Explorer 9.0.
  9. DocuXplorer Print Driver now compatible with Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader X (10.0.xx).
  10. DocuXplorer Print Driver can now create PDF/A-1b standard compliant PDF documents.
  11. Using Microsoft Outlook integration, selected folders can now be exported and then imported via the DocuXplorer Import Engine.
  12. New Imaging Components for both viewing and editing TIFF files
  13. Substantial speed improvements to thumbnail operations
  14. Ability to cut and paste pages between document viewers
  15. Additional annotation types
  16. OCR scanning zones via templates
  17. Angle annotation to any position
  18. Advanced annotation properties providing access to an array of attributions, for total control of the ‘look and feel’ of any annotation
  19. Improved scanner support
  20. Faster twain scanning speeds
  21. Install now supports command line option (ex. install.exe /s) for silent installs (no user interface)
  22. Install now supports SMS for network installation
  23. Install and update procedures for Enterprise version have been further simplified
  24. Full text indexing is now supported for all file types via iFilter technology
  25. Update full text indexing when importing, within the document viewer or in batch via the Document List View
  26. Ability to handle multiple DocuXplorer PDF print jobs or API requests at the same time
  27. DocuXplorer client support for unattended installations via SMS
  28. Support for Advantage Database v10.10.0.17.
  29. Added a new field for QuickBooks Index Set templates "QBID". This support QuickBooks new Transaction ID feature making it more reliable to locate documents associated with transactions


  1. With Advantage Database Server Version 10 installed, folders can display up to 10,000 documents in just under 6 seconds, a 30% increase in speed.
  2. Speed improvements to the Import Engine.
  3. Import engine can now import documents into any subfolder of the Library’s Work folder.
  4. When importing documents, the dynamic lookup list updates itself based on index information.
  5. Administrative Option add-in to Docuxplorer.ini file now enables the automatic rebuilding of database indexes when a collation mismatch error is raised.
  6. Users can now determine/control if Job ID is added to the file name when using the print driver.
  7. Updates to application help.
  8. Microsoft Outlook integration: document items can now be saved in DocuXplorer.
  9. Document list view now maintains current position when performing delete and drag and drop operations.
  10. Only DocuXplorer administrators can override the document size warning limit when adding documents
  11. Ability to display up to 10,000 files in one folder in four seconds, a 50% increase in speed
  12. When creating a new document from selected thumbnails, index information is maintained instead of reverting to the original values
  13. Folder Expand/Collapse symbol is now only visible when a subfolder exists
  14. Extended QuickBooks support to be able to register and unregister menu integrations with older version of Intuits SDK

Resolved Issues:

  1. FIXED: Corrected print option on right-click menu item in Document Image Viewer.
  2. FIXED: When importing documents, auto-increment numbers now function properly.
  3. FIXED: In the Connect/Create Library dialog, the test button did not always work properly when using an internet connection. This has been resolved.
  4. FIXED: Addressed C0000006 error raised when on Windows 7 or Windows 2008. Microsoft has acknowledged this as an issue, but we have created a workaround until Microsoft corrects this bug.
  5. FIXED: Corrected the exception when focus was in the one of the two memo fields and a user selected 'save and close.'
  6. FIXED: Alt+n shortcut fixed when creating a new document when selecting tiff thumbnails
  7. FIXED: Corrected disabled Export option for Index Sets
  8. FIXED: Incompatible PDF file formats can still be imported, but page count is set to zero.
  9. FIXED: In prior versions, at times DocuXplorer would lose focus after print save and close operations.
  10. FIXED: Application Document Window and attachment menu items now work more reliably.
  11. FIXED: 'Save As’ Option in Microsoft Outlook now works correctly.
  12. FIXED: Auto-Index now works properly when importing one or more documents.
  13. FIXED: In prior versions, Auto-Index values could not be erased when adding a new document.
  14. FIXED: In prior versions, the Microsoft Outlook mail dialog would be hidden when using the ‘send to’ option from Document Viewer.
  15. FIXED: Install now uninstalls Sybase ADS v10 properly
  16. FIXED: Registration process for QuickBooks 2011 integration and updated installation help directions