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Information Management and Starting a Small Business

Document management is not only for large enterprise businesses. Startups that invest in a DMS early on increase efficiency and cost savings and are prepared to scale right from the start.

October 11, 2018

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When small businesses get started, one of the most important assets they have is information. This information may come in the form of legal, financial, and tax documents, patents or copyrights, customer records, employee files, lists of leads and so on. Much of this information falls under the category of business intelligence and some of it has to be secured and retained for set amounts of time due to government regulations. Streamlining information management will set your business up for success and growth right from the start. 

Document Management Software for startups:

Any small business is going to start out with a number of digital resources that they're going to use for their business processes. This includes everything from word processing software, to accounting software such as QuickBooks, to the various databases that most businesses have. Most of the software generates a great deal of documentation. One of the fastest paths to inefficiency is having your documentation stored in different formats, on different devices and without any sort of a coherent indexing scheme.

Document management software allows you to index information so that it is easy to search. Not only can it be searched by metadata that you associate with the files, the information can be searched for particular strings of text or fit parameters like date or document type. The most beneficial decision a small business can make early on is to invest in effective business process management and that can be achieved with document management software.

Document management software provides you with an overarching system that brings all the information in your business together in a way that allows it to be searched and understood. This means you never have to worry about misplacing or losing files or information getting into the wrong hands. Additionally, having a secondary backup of your files in the cloud is affordable and a fail-safe way to insure you never lose your business' most important assets.

As your business grows, your document management system needs to scale with you. This allows you to start with one person in charge of records management, move to a small team who need access, or expand to meet the needs of multiple office locations or remote workers, keeping everyone on the same digital page.

For small businesses, the sort of content management and information management that document management software makes possible is a tremendous value. Being able to store, find, backup, and analyze information quickly is vital to any business and document management software makes it seamless.