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Top Benefits of Incorporating Automated Workflow into Your Document Management Software

Businesses usually have internal mechanisms through which processes such as purchase requests, supply orders and payment for goods and services received are subjected to before they can be approved. Organizations that are not yet paperless would have to physically take the documents to the different managers for approval. This is not only tiring but it is time-consuming as well and in today’s fast-paced business environment, that is quite unacceptable Read More »

Document Management Software Vs. Online Storage

As businesses grow, they often find that their local file servers have reached their end-of-life and they are now difficult to maintain. In an attempt to fulfill their document storage needs, these firms often opt for online public cloud services such as Google Drive or Dropbox, only to realize that these platforms are not scalable, have poor functionality and are prone to external attacks.

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Five Reasons Document Management Software Can Save Your Company Money

In this digital day and age, most businesses are able to save substantial amounts of money and resources by investing on Document Management Software solutions, which are truly one of the greatest inventions ever made for business. Document Management Software (DMS) is so crucial for businesses to thrive in the digital age as it acts to centralize all business content of any company. Read More »

Document Management Software for the Health Care Industry

Let's face it. The health care industry utilizes a lot of forms and paperwork. Patient forms, doctor notes, payment receipts, insurance cards, diagnosis codes, lab results - all from just one patient!  Plus, there's all of the HIPAA guidelines for patient privacy and document security. Well, you don't have to look any further when seeking a document management solution that will keep your organization's medical records safe, secure and organized. Health Care Document Management

DocuXplorer is fully compliant with HIPAA and all other regulations regarding the privacy and security of electronic records. And, with DocuXplorer, you can utilize our built-in workflow to route documents for approval as well as email, fax and print documents directly from DocuXplorer's folders. You can also import any electronic file (including Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook and other Microsoft products) to store along with scanned-in paper documents.

With many satisfied clients in health care, including hospitals, doctor's offices and clinics, you are assured your medical records will be organized and protected, with a cost that won't exhaust your IT budget.

DocuXplorer helps health care professionals:

  • Improve physician and staff productivity, resulting in more time for patient care.
  • Ensure your compliance with HIPAA and other government agency requirements pertaining to electronic document security.
  • Integrate with your existing EMR software with our built-in Application Programming Interface.
  • Facilitate instant access to patient records - even outside of your medical practice - with our built-in Web Client. All you need is an internet connection!