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Document Management for Manufacturing

Leveraging the Usage of Document Management Software in the Manufacturing Industry

Document management software provides steamlined access to information, improving company-wide decision making abilities, supporting growth and profits.

September 3, 2018

man and woman working in manufacturing

In manufacturing, there is a heavy reliance on paperwork. Sales orders, specifications, diagrams, import/export document, and employee work records all contribute to the efficiency of products being assembled and shipped so that they can be sold. Utilizing document management software, like DocuXplorer, can greatly influence the productivity of a manufacturing company by streamlining all processes and bringing more efficient organization across a broad field.

Improve the access to information across the organization

First and foremost, effective document management software helps to establish an internal filing system electronically. Paper files can be exported from various forms (e-mail, faxes, and hard copies) and filed according to a taxonomy that your company creates based on your old existing one, if you had one at all. If you didn’t have a  taxonomy type system to follow, then this is the time to develop one and getting the whole organization to follow suit too. The tighter the system is the more organized your files are, and the easier it is to find crucial files in a pinch. A company that is very organized is more productive overall.

Reducing needless errors

Having a document management software system in place, such as DocuXplorer, allows for the control of documents and their many versions. Getting the most current information out to your teams ensures that mistakes are reduced and that money is not spent on producing the wrong product or quantity. An electronic system also helps collaboration efforts when reviewing orders, approving them, and spotting any issues with them before they proceed to actual production.

Adhere more easily to regulations and compliance guidelines

All industries must adhere to a set of regulations and/or compliance guidelines during the course of their work. Document management software helps to ensure that these processes are followed by allowing the tracking of approvals. Access to these files are also easily gotten and reviewed if needed. Software such as this makes the once paper-driven file drawer open and accessible to anyone who has a computer, cutting down on lost time, costs associated with mail/fax requests and the like. In the fast, hectic world of manufacturing, document management software can help reel in disorganization and make a company much more effective.