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Document Management for Manufacturing

Document Management Software for Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturers report increased efficiencies, decreased costs, and strengthened customer relations when implementing a document management system.

July 11, 2017

woman in manufacturing plant

Corporate documents in the manufacturing industry can range from CAD drawings to specifications and schedules to invoices, billing ladles and even employee time sheets. Identifying a solution to store all these various types of documents in a single electronic repository is necessary for a manufacturing company to achieve its optimal level of efficiency. This is where DocuXplorer comes into play.

DocuXplorer provides manufacturing firms of all sizes the ability to streamline their processes and implement more effective and time-saving business methods. Turning all of your paperwork into electronic documents offers your organization substantial cost savings on storage and delivery costs. It also will help speed up your response to customer service inquiries, and allows your employees to be more efficient and exceed customer expectations.

Manufacturing companies that use DocuXplorer help their organizations leverage their content as a tool to create new opportunities, increase profits, and realize greater cost savings and efficiencies.

DocuXplorer helps manufacturing professionals:

  • Organize transactional documents such as purchase and sales invoices, shipping documents and cash vouchers.
  • Keep track of manufacturing-related documents such as production reports, operations manuals, specification sheets, maintenance schedules.
  • Lower your operating costs. The need for printer toner and paper will be drastically reduced because multiple copies of a document will no longer be needed.

Increase your customer service levels. Your team will have access to all of their customer files instantly, with all data regarding a single customer linked directly from your line of business application. Using our built-in Web Client or Cloud hosting your account representatives can access client data in the field with any computer or phone with an internet connection.