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Taking the Stress Out of Audits

Preparing for audits used to take weeks, now it takes less than an hour. Learn how Penny maximizes efficiency using DocuXplorer for her document management and audit needs.

April 1, 2021

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Penny Daniels is the CFO at Kernels Popcorn Limited, a franchise popcorn company with 75 locations throughout Canada and is committed to creating meaningful change and lasting impact in their local communities. Her business undergoes numerous audits from various agencies every year, but with DocuXplorer, passing her audits is a breeze.

“Audits used to mean having an auditor come to our offices for weeks at a time, camping out in a conference room, going through box after box of files, and requiring hours of staff time. With DocuXplorer, I deliver everything the auditor needs, digitally, in under an hour. My auditors appreciate my efficiency and respect my preparedness and that’s key for a smooth, stress-free, and successful audit.”


How Penny does it:

When Penny first started at Kernels Popcorn Limited, at the end of every year, they would consolidate all their documents: accounts, contracts, franchise agreements, lease agreements, partner agreements, everything was paper, and they would box it up and ship it out to storage and pray to not get audited.


“I would have nightmares about having to dig up all the required files for an audit. It was a huge undertaking.” Penny knew there must be a better way and was very excited about DocuXplorer right from the beginning. “I knew what it could do for the business and I never looked back.”


For anyone in the accounting and finance arena, audits are a way of life: federal, tax agencies, payroll, provincial, healthcare, workers compensation. So many different audits! And having everything at her finger tips has been a game changer.


“We’ve been using DocuXplorer since 2008, and it has significantly cut down on our team’s time, resources, and stress levels when doing audits. I can’t imagine doing an audit without DocuXplorer.”


Key Takeaways:

Use DocuXplorer for Audits to:

·     Eliminate the need for auditors to perform work on-site.

·     Quickly consolidate all documents for an audit and share digitally, instantly.

·     Alleviate the stress and strain on your business resources during audits.

·     Every document added or altered is tracked in DocuXplorer.


See how DocuXplorer can help your business:

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