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Document Management for Government

How Document Management Software Benefits Government Agencies

4 reasons document management for government agencies is so important.

March 12, 2019

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It was two decades back when government bodies started using electronic document manage systems. Back then, these systems mostly comprised on an in-house application, a database, and shared network drives.

With time, as document management needs increased, so did the costs of using these systems. However, reverting back to the system of 100% paper-based archiving was also not viable. The only option that bridges this gap is the use of document management software. Here we briefly discuss the benefits of using document management software in a municipal setting.

Reducing Overheads

No matter which country it is, all governments are under immense pressure to cut down costs. Document management software proves to be a great tool in this regard. For instance, using this software eliminates the need for making copies of documents. These can be shared over in-house networks and everyone can access them through their PCs.

Increasing Transparency

Governments are responsible for timely communicating matters of importance with other institutions and the public at large. But more than that, they have to remain transparent in how they generate, archive, and distribute them. This includes things like online back-up, audit trails, and logs. But using document management software, any document can be retrieved and delivered for scrutiny in no time.

Along the same line, document management software also provides disaster recovery. When data is lost (or deliberately tampered with), document management software allows you to access the original documents without any hassle. This also adds to a security factor.

Going Green

With increased demands from pressure groups and the public at large, government agencies are also responsible for setting an example of ‘green’ practices. Document management software allows them achieve the goal of becoming more sustainable.

Firstly, it allows them to reduce the amount of paper they use. This cuts down the cost of both purchasing and disposing papers, and more importantly it reduces pollution caused by the latter.  Secondly, digital data management also reduces the costs spent on storage and labor. And in the absence of paper documents, space occupied by large shelves and file cabinets can be reclaimed.

Ease of Implementation

Finally, document management software does not require a high level of technical proficiency on the part of the users. This makes it relatively easy to install and use, which once again adds to operational efficiency.


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