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Five Days to Smarter Document Management: Evaluate DocuXplorer's Impact with a Pilot

When considering migrating your document management to a new system, it’s difficult to know if it will truly deliver value for your business. A DocuXplorer pilot enables you to efficiently and cost-effectively test and validate the software, ensuring a perfect tech and culture fit for your organization.

February 6, 2024

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Confirm DX meets all your needs ​in one week.

A typical organization manages its documents in one of two ways: an information bottleneck, where one person or department is charged with document management and owns all permissions or a self-managed system. Self-managed information leaves everyone in charge of storing their documents, and sharing information is a jumbled mess.

Graphic showing the pros and cons of two ways organizations manage information: an information bottleneck or self-managed information

In either case, managing physical or web-hosted documentation (such as with Google Drive) leads to information sprawl, long processing times, unnecessary extra steps, and a lack of security and accountability. And when someone leaves an organization, there’s a risk of data loss.

Unfortunately, companies become so entrenched in their legacy systems that the idea of change is too overwhelming. For many organizations, it’s better the devil you know, meaning they would rather continue with an inefficient process than restructure their system.

But what if you could try out a new system before you commit?

The process of vetting software, gaining buy-in, implementing a new system, and achieving organization-wide adoption is complex. This is why we designed the DX Pilot Program. A smart alternative to a DMS trial, our pilot is the most efficient and cost-effective way to confirm our team and product meet your document management requirements.

Who is a DX pilot for?

Anyone who captures, organizes, and processes documents and data! Not sure if piloting DocuXplorer would be beneficial to you? Find out by asking yourself a few questions:

Flowchart showing questions to determine who could benefit from a DX pilot.

How does the pilot work?

The pilot involves three steps to ensure DocuXplorer aligns with the practical reality of your current operations and optimizes your document management process.

1) Define the scope

We start with a phone call to discuss what you need to see DocuXplorer do with your information. We want you to feel confident partnering with us.

There are a few different ways of experiencing what the software offers:

  • Installing DX in your preferred environment
    (on your server, your cloud environment, or the DX Private Cloud)
  • Building a segment of your taxonomy hierarchy
  • Migrating a sample of files into DX
  • Scanning and indexing a sample of files
  • Setting permissions

2) Set the timeline

Based on the Scope of Work, set by you, we'll set the length of the pilot. Pilot programs are packaged by the week and include at least 5 hours of expert consulting and training time. Typically, DX pilots last 1 to 2 weeks.

3) Complete the pilot and accept or reject

As part of your pilot, our team will take you through a portion of the onboarding process. This means when you’re ready to commit, you’ll be mostly set up to apply the new system immediately. And if we are not a fit, you will have only spent a few hours on a consultation rather than years on a solution that’s not right for your business.

Once your DX subscription is active, you will have the full support and ongoing guidance of a dedicated advocate from our team. This expert is your single point of contact for all your DX questions and your project manager for future optimizations. And, of course, you can always purchase additional consultation sessions, training, workflows, and templates as needed.

Everything you can learn from a pilot

Documentation powers every business, and efficiently capturing and indexing information is the key to optimization.

No one gets excited about a fundamental disruption to how they do their work. But finding the right document management software can be made simpler by leveraging the experience of business process professionals. Our expert team will show you the ropes and ensure you make the most of the software.

By participating in a pilot, here is what you’ll be able to do:

  • Find out if DX is the right product for your specific needs
  • Experience a proof-of-concept trial to ensure tech fit
  • Verify our solution will deliver value to your organization
  • Get buy-in from decision-makers
  • Confirm you like working with our team and are getting smart, creative solutions
  • Realize the diverse use cases you can solve with DX
  • Build confidence in your team, securing faster adoption and a quicker ROI

I have more questions…

And we have answers! During the pilot period, you’ll receive tailored consultation from our experts and get answers to all your most pressing questions about document management:

  • What will onboarding be like? How long will it take?
  • How will adoption training be structured with my team?
  • How will this software integrate with our current system?
  • What about security and compliance?
  • How long before we see a positive ROI?

Ready to take the leap?

The DocuXplorer Pilot Program offers an invaluable opportunity for organizations grappling with document management challenges. This hands-on experience lets you test the software in a real-world scenario and assess its impact on your workflow.

In just one week, you'll know for certain whether our solution delivers impactful value to your business and fits your technology requirements. And you’ll know if you can get the expertise and answers you're looking for from our team.

The Pilot Program is designed to demystify the transition to new document management software, making the process less daunting and more approachable. It's not just about introducing new tools; it's about transforming how your organization handles information, ensuring you work smarter, not harder. Embrace the opportunity to level up your document management with DocuXplorer.

Get started today and witness firsthand the difference it can make.