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Document Management for Oil & Gas

The Importance of Effective Document Management for the Oil and Gas Industry

Document Mangement has proven invaluable to firms in the oil and gas industry by keeping data organized, accessible, and secure while keeping costs down.

February 9, 2018

DMS for oil and gas industry

The oil and gas industry incorporates global supply chains, remote workers, and diverse project stakeholders relying on real-time access to accurate information and compliance with regulatory and safety requirements. Document management keeps your data organized, accessible, secure, while keeping costs down.

Without an effective document management solution, owners face dire productivity losses, safety threats and incur unnecessary overhead from data entry, verifying designs and reconstruction of design files. The oil and gas industry requires effective document management software to mitigate risks, coordinate deliverables from various contractors, control project value chains and produce auditable records.

Benefits of Document Management Software for the Oil & Gas Industry:

  • DocuXplorer provides reliable centralized storage for all project documents and supplies oil and gas companies with secure and auditable electronic records. It is the ultimate compliance solution for your company and helps manage mountainous piles of records for tax, HSE, IFRS or ISO compliance and cut down on administrative efforts in managing records retention schedules. It understands your diligent planning, level of integration and collaboration needed to comply with industry standards and adheres to capricious regulatory frameworks to prevent legal battles.
  • Companies have an innate requirement to continually send and receive critical project files. With document management software, documents are stored in an indexed and searchable format and are instantly retrievable using a specified set of “Google-like” keywords.
  • It allows you to control access and modification to validated asset files during operation by providing a centralized safe repository of asset files with limited right of entry so that it is only visible to authorized individuals and is safe from tampering. Easy access to data by the pertinent engineers, geologists, stakeholders and analysts for remote field operations, from conception to disposition, is possible from anywhere in the world.
  • A cloud based infrastructure makes it possible for project managers, engineering teams and subcontractors to collaborate effectively from diverse locations and share plans, technical documentations and project drawings.
  • Oil and gas project teams need to consult procedure and policy documents, as well as other compliance reports, regularly and therefore it is imperative to update and modify these documents to provide up to date data. Storing documents, such as contact and proposal files, in a centralized location, makes them available for consultation and modification by the team members and each version of the document is saved for inspection.
  • Oil and gas companies have complex communications needs. Employees in the oil and gas sector are segregated at diverse geographical locations and have disparate interactions with contractors, suppliers and other groups. DocuXplorer eases the mode of collaboration through effective file and information sharing. It can be integrated with every existing business application to ensure consistency and reliable automation of business processes for the creation, modification, publishing and issuing of project documentation.


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