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Document Management for Legal

Document Management for Law Firms

Document management for law firms keeps your documents secured and quickly accessible by the right parties. It also easily integrates with any in-house case management software.

March 3, 2020

Court Building

Legal Services clients expect personal and accurate communications from their providers that recognize their unique needs. They want each interaction, such as a receipt or addendum, to be timely and efficient. Law firms that deliver such a personalized experience not only have higher customer retention rates, but they also maximize the potential long-term value of these customers. Document management software for law firms is critical to ensuring the highest levels of customer satisfaction so when that one particular document needs to be sent to a client, it can be done in seconds, rather than having to hunt through stacks of paper documents.

DocuXplorer, either through our integration with QuickBooks or by using our advanced Application Programming Interface (API), can easily organize and store client transactions so they can be quickly retrieved when needed. Plus, DocuXplorer’s cutting-edge security functionality ensures your clients’ private banking documents are protected from prying eyes.

Many law firms invest substantial amounts of time and money on case management software, but only consider document management after the fact.  Case management may help keep attorneys on track by moving cases along but document management is a key component of case management. DocuXplorer allows law firms to create, save, and access their case-specific items (such as pleadings, medical records, and contacts) and our built-in audit trail and version control ensures all prior versions are accounted for when needed. It also allows your law firm to retain documents, notes, emails, and other files associated with your cases. 

Benefits of DMS for law firms:

  • Quickly locate a particular legal brief by its proprietary index set fields. Searching for misfiled documents causes frustration and results in lost billable time.
  • Organize legal documents by client, matter, the type of document (pleadings, email, correspondence, etc.), who the document was created by, even by practice area.
  • Our integration with the Microsoft Office suite allows you to save documents directly from those applications into DocuXplorer.
  • Easily send document for secure and legally binding digital signatures.