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Document Management for Legal

Document Management for Law Firms

Document management for law firms keeps your documents organized, secured, and quickly accessible. It also easily integrates with any in-house case management software.

April 23, 2024

Court Building

Case processing in seconds, not days.

Legal services clients expect personal and accurate communications from their providers. They want each interaction, such as a receipt or addendum, to be timely and efficient. Law firms that deliver a personalized experience have higher customer retention rates and maximize the potential long-term value of these customers. 

Document management software for law firms should improve customer relationships while optimizing operational efficacy. When you need to send a particular document to a client, it should take seconds rather than hours or days hunting through stacks of paper.

Leveraging DocuXplorer as a partner, law firms will keep their client records organized with intuitive, user-friendly, and robust software to support all the firms’ needs.

Software to fit all your needs

Many law firms invest substantial time and money in case management software but only consider document management after the fact. Case management helps keep attorneys on track, and successful case management depends on effective document management.

Law firms can use a DMS to create, save, and access case-specific items (such as research, pleadings, affidavits, and contacts). You'll be sure you're working with the current version of your documents and that all prior versions are accounted for with built-in audit trail and version control. The software also enables your firm to retain records, notes, emails, and other files associated with your cases.

If you utilize a secretary or virtual phone answering service to track phone calls, you can leverage DocuXplorer to send you notifications when you have calls to return. The call information is routed from email into a folder, and AI Capture picks up the client name, contact details, and notes. Rather than work off post-it notes or paper legal pads, you can go through the list, return calls, change statuses, and add or edit notes, all in one place.

document management call log

Optimizing your legal processes with a DMS

Organized to save you time

Searching for misfiled or incomplete documents - or performing repeated searches - is frustrating and can mean lost billable time. Index legal briefs in your DocuXplorer library by their most relevant data. Then, quickly locate them with straightforward search functionality - search by client name, creation date, motion type, or other document contents. Attach research or your typed notes to each file for quick reference. You can even enter data for physical assets, such as evidence, into your DMS.

You’ll organize your digital records and physical assets in a manner familiar to you, with the added power of metadata to pinpoint a specific file without knowing how or where it's organized.

Connect your critical tools

Law firms must be able to retrieve client information and review transactions quickly, so software that effortlessly integrates with Quickbooks or includes advanced Application Programming Interface (API) service will give you maximum efficiency.

Connecting your software with Microsoft Office suite lets you move documents directly into your DMS, saving time and extra effort.

With email monitoring, route client documents or research you send yourself from email into DocuXplorer. Organize the files yourself from a work folder or leverage the system’s built-in automation tools to tag relevant metadata in the documents and file them appropriately.

Automated Email Parsing

Make security a priority

Security and accessibility don’t have to be mutually exclusive. With DocuXplorer’s cutting-edge security functionality, you’ll protect your clients’ privacy and maintain compliance. Easily send documents for secure and legally binding digital signatures. Get backup support so that system crashes don’t leave you stranded or needing to duplicate work.

The best in support

If the idea of your firm migrating all its documentation to new software seems daunting (maybe daunting is even an understatement), the right support can make all the difference. A core component of your document management system is having the right tools and experts to help you improve efficiency while saving time and money and reducing risk.

Within days of your DocuXplorer onboarding and training, you’ll be set up to use the software like a pro, and you’ll begin to realize how much more value you can get out of the system as you tackle day-to-day tasks. Should you need a little extra help, you’ll have access to expert services

Your path to ultimate efficiency

Since a law firm’s revenue is generated by creating, reviewing, revising, and summarizing documents, streamlining document management with high-quality software is a no-brainer. 

Increasing your team’s productivity impacts your revenue. Organizing your documentation maximizes profits for the firm and increases its credibility with its clients.

Investing in professional document management software is investing in your future and your clients.