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Integrating Microsoft Outlook with a Document Management Solution

Save time and effort and increase document security when connecting your Outlook email with DocuXplorer's document management system.

June 8, 2018

outlook and docuxplorer

The majority of documents are shared via email and electronic transfer. Keeping it all organized can be challenging. A robust document management system provides invaluable document searching, versioning, comparison, and collaboration features. Effective document management is now a necessity for businesses. With the flood of emails that come into a business on a daily basis, as well as other critical business documents, it makes it much more important to securely and centrally archive emails, along with related information.

If your office uses Microsoft Office, you know that Outlook is more than just an inbox. It is a communication hub at the heart of your workflow. It has the ability to serve as a fast and convenient filing system, a virtual to-do list, as well as a network for sending and receiving messages and important documents.

Benefits of integrating Outlook with DocuXplorer's document management system:

Upload Email Attachments - With just one click, you can upload email attachments to any folder in your document management system. You can even create new folders, all within your Outlook account.

Send Secure Links to Files and Folders - Need to email an important document to a client or colleague? You can select a file to send, and embed a secure link to the file in the email, without leaving DocuXplorer. It is just as easy as attaching files to an email and much more secure.

Convert Email Attachments to Secure Links – Want to securely forward an email attachment to another recipient? You can quickly upload and transfigure attachments to secure links in a document management system like DocuXplorer.

Invite and Manage New Users – Need to add a new user or give access to a folder? You can administer user authorizations and requests without ever leaving Outlook.

In addition, automatic email notifications ensure that tasks are communicated instantly. Your standard business practices for capturing email records can be defined and propagated by administrators, while project managers and individual users can create their own rules for increased productivity.

DocuXplorer's integration with Microsoft Outlook includes a file menu integration and an add-in toolbar for saving emails to repository folders. Functionality includes dragging and dropping emails from Outlook to repository folders and managing attachments together with the host message. As is the case with documents in the repository, two clicks or clicking the open function in DocuXplorer will open emails in their native Outlook application.

Integrating Microsoft Outlook with a document management system like DocuXplorer empowers individuals with the ability to manage emails in the document locator. It also provides the capacity to modify the managing rules, so users can organize to automate document management actions based on the content of the messages. If you are looking to keep your emails more organized, it does not get any better than this.