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Document Management for Education

The Benefits of Document Management Software in Higher Education

Higher education institutions require digital documentation that's secure and quickly searchable.

December 4, 2018

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Universities and colleges continue to make incremental moves into the digital age, but a large portion of what they handle is still in hard-copy form. For institutions of higher education, it’s vital that they be able to organize their storage of information for easier, more efficient access, information which can include: students’ personal information records, academic records, health information, and administrative information relating to housing, classes, instructors, security and other services. Document management software, like DocuXplorer, can help put an organizational structure in place, clarifying the documents types, where they are stored and where they are currently located, which can help universities and colleges become more efficient in their operations.  

Allows Universities to Better Serve their Current Students

Whether students are applying for classes, seeking a past grade, desiring a transcript or looking to transfer to another school, access to their records on a timely basis is important. Students will be happier when they have quick, easy access to their information and it improves upon the student’s overall experience at the school. Quick access to information via document management software like DocuXplorer may also aid students when applying for financial aid and scholarships.

Helps Universities Better Utilize Their Resources in Serving Their Alumni

Serving their students doesn’t stop for institutions of higher education when their students graduate. When looking for future funding, colleges may depend on accessing their records through document management software like DocuXplorer in an effort to reach out to their alumni. Having proper and quick access to documents, allows them to not only build up their roster of future donors, but to service alumni efficiently in meeting their ongoing records needs be it in the form of: transcripts, higher education applications, ancillary class rosters and the like.

Enables Them to Meet Record Retention Needs

We all live in a world of limited storage space and institutions of higher education are no different. Document management software like DocuXplorer allows records management personnel to adhere to appropriate retention schedules based on various document classification types, and to promptly send files to offsite storage or for destruction. Document management software helps to keep institutions of higher learning organized so that they run more effectively and efficiently. Using the proper software, with an easy-to-use interface, like DocuXplorer can make a huge difference in how documents are stored, how easily they are accessed and how effectively it is utilized by university staff.