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Document Management for Financial Services

Tax Solution Firms and Document Management Software

Tax preparers are able to service more clients, with a higher level of accuracy, by implementing streamlined records management practices.

November 12, 2019

collection of tax forms

Tax solution firms often find themselves burdened by paper. Whenever paper gets out of hand, is misfiled, or is wrongly categorized this can lead to a ton of issues for companies, which greatly depend on accessing and referring back to that paper. Document management software, like DocuXplorer, can help companies such as tax solutions firms, realize productivity, savings and efficiencies that may have escaped them over the last few years. We have put together a short list of advantages of what document management software can do for these types of companies.

Create Filing Systems That Anyone Can Use

Whether for tax solutions firms or a one-person office, document management software can help organize companies of all sizes by creating an easy-to-understand filing system via software that utilizes a user-friendly interface. Employees generally find that document management software like DocuXplorer is very intuitive which makes their jobs much simpler. When leveraging such a system, processes become easier, and work more productive, as things are more self-explanatory, and there is less room for error. Additionally, software such as DocuXplorer allows for customizable taxonomy so tax solution firms can tailor file cabinet, folder and file names to their exact needs.

Make It Easier to Find and Access Critical Files

When in the midst of deadlines, there’s nothing more important at that moment than accessing vital tax records to help clients being audited by the IRS. Document management software like DocuXplorer helps you instantly access online files. You will know at any given moment, where a file is. If you have access to it through entitlements then you will also be permitted to view the file. Files created in Microsoft Office and QuickBooks will also be easily imported through a Print/Save function, rather than by manual intervention which usually done in the form of scanning and upload. All of these soft copy files then become accessible via entitlements to departments, groups and/or individuals within your company based on need. This is additionally handy for those companies with multiple locations where online documents may be needed by individuals across physical locations. This increases productivity and efficiency, while reducing down time.

Reduce Storage Costs by Moving Your Files to Soft Copy

Files were stored in hard copy years ago, and those companies that generated a lot of paper like tax solution companies and other types of financial firms, were weighed down by the costs of storing this paper over time to satisfy records management requirements. Times have changed. Now firms can realize a great savings cost by leveraging document management software and relying on space for data, instead of hard copy files, which costs a whole lot less. Money saved can then be applied to those projects that need it – which can help the company thrive and grow.