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MS Office and QuickBooks Integration with a Document Management Solution

Seamless integrations between document mangement and your everyday office and accounting applications is vital for digital transformation.

October 12, 2017

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In any business setting, Microsoft Office is often regarded as an indispensable tool, especially for creating, updating and organizing important documents. When it comes to accounting processes, QuickBooks is widely preferred by many companies and accounting firms across the globe.

These two software applications produce and handle important data, and usage of both is expected to grow dramatically over time. Given the fact that MS Office and QuickBooks data is in large part confidential and valuable, it is therefore important to have proper software in place that compliments these applications. This brings us to the importance of finding a document management solution that allows seamless integration with Microsoft Office and QuickBooks.

Integration with Microsoft Office

In all types of businesses, time is a valuable commodity, which is why companies invest in tools that improve efficiency and productivity.

The ability of document management software, to facilitate integration with Microsoft Office in particular, will offer convenience to an organization. It will become much easier to add, locate and edit documents, whether it is in MS Word, Excel, Outlook or even PowerPoint.

With the availability of a toolbar shortcut that can be accessed from your desktop, the document management solution can access files that are saved in any MS Office format. This will not only save you from making innumerable searches, you will also enjoy instant access to important documents directly from your desktop, thereby cutting down the time spent on non-productive tasks.

In addition, integration with Microsoft Office will allow users to upload as well as locate saved emails from Outlook, without the need to access the document management software, because the data is fully synchronized. This feature also allows a complete audit trail as well as full control of every version of the document stored.

Integration with QuickBooks

For businesses with an in-house accounting department as well as accounting firms that use QuickBooks, document management software that comes with the capability of full integration with QuickBooks offers an excellent solution. Like MS Office integration, you not only enjoy the peace of mind knowing your important accounting and financial data is backed-up offsite, the software also makes it much easier to access, retrieve and organize documents. Additionally, it also ensures the financial data across the organization is updated and synchronized, making it easy for large organizations with multiple departments to coordinate and share information with ease.

Given the fact that financial data is highly sensitive information that requires optimum security, storing files in document management software makes perfect sense.