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Streamlining Your NGO With Document Management

Investing in document mangement saves NGOs important resouces needed for fulfilling their mission.

July 31, 2020

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NGOs, especially those receiving funding from government agencies, are held accountable for reporting every transaction accurately. This can be extremely time-consuming and divert resources from fulfilling the mission of the organization.

Document Management Software for nonprofits provides invaluable benefits and is not as cost prohibitive as one might think. Most small and medium sized businesses see an $8.55 return on each dollar invested in document management. 

Benefits of Document Management Software for NGOs: 


Document Management Software provides the tools needed to comply with government regulations. Providing documented proof of every transaction that has occurred is easy with a DMS. Detailed audit trails track every change made on a document making reporting a breeze. Document encryption allows administrators to define which users, or groups of users, have access to certain documents and how they can interact with them. 


Being able to quickly store and retrieve documents without knowing much detail about the record, is what makes document management so powerful. Users can track down exactly what they’re looking for through various search methods and even run reports on the data stored within the documents.

Documents that go through recurring processes, like approvals, or signatures, can be automated with workflows. This cuts back on hours of  data entry, manual document sharing, personal follow-ups, and reduces user-error. 


When you operate a paperless nonprofit, your records are accessible wherever your staff is working, with the same level of security. As more teams are working remotely, document management software enables them to stay connected and continue business as usual, no matter where they are.

Cost Savings

Digitizing your NGO is more affordable than you think. Eliminating the need for printing, copying, and shipping supplies and equipment, plus the physical space needed to store paper documents is a quick savings. With the added efficiency of a DMS, your staff will be able to devote more hours to making a difference rather than filing and searching through endless paperwork.  See how much you can save with the DMS ROI Calculator.