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Document Management 101

The Hidden Threats To Document Security

June 10, 2020

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File sharing networks are widely used by businesses and private individuals to access and share files over the Internet. But just like any other tool, such programs can pose legal, financial and security risks.

With this in mind, it is important for organizations handling and sharing sensitive, confidential data to have a document management solution in place to mitigate the risks involved. However, it is alarming to know there are still a number of small and medium size businesses that overlook the importance of document security and do not seriously address the threats to document security that exist in today’s world.

To better understand the importance of document management software, let us take a closer look at the most obvious risks:

Data Breach

Without reliable document management software to store, access and share sensitive and confidential information, valuable business data can be exposed to a data breach especially with poor networking choices. Some people simply fore-go the use of routers and simply plug directly into the Internet. Whether it’s the backup of your financial data or client accounts, a good and reliable document management solution should be used to eliminate the very serious risk of a data breach.

Lack of Contingency Plans

A lot of businesses suffer greatly from data loss, corruption and theft due to the fact they do not have any contingency plan in place. When it comes to safeguarding the most important asset of the business, data, one cannot undervalue the need for mature processes, standardization and contingency planning. Many businesses have suffered immensely due to data compromises simply because they overlooked the importance of having a document management solution as part of their business continuity plan and data recovery program.

Web Server Compromise

We all have heard horror stories about servers crashing and large companies brought to their knees due to a serious compromise in their document security. With a single stroke of SQL injection, thousands of servers can become extremely vulnerable.

To mitigate such risks, it is important to choose document management software with built-in multi-level security systems in order to safeguard confidential and sensitive data.

According to a survey conducted by AVG, a leading security software firm, the majority of modern businesses appear to be oblivious to the serious threats of document security. In addition, many of the data loss events occurred mainly due to carelessness and human error.

Aside from regular data backups, a document security solution is a vital tool in ensuring the integrity of business data.