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Document Management Software Vs. Online Storage

If you use online storage, like Google Drive, for work documents, you may notice how hard it is to find and share what you're looking for. Document Management solves for this common frustration along with a few more you may have not realized.

October 15, 2019

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As businesses grow, they often find that their local file servers have reached their end-of-life and they are now difficult to maintain. In an attempt to fulfill their document storage needs, these firms often opt for online public cloud services such as Google Drive or Dropbox, only to realize that these platforms are not scalable, have poor functionality and are prone to external attacks.

This is not to say that online storage facilities are useless in today’s digital world. In fact, they are very useful to those looking simply for an online platform to store their documents, images and other digital files. But that’s just it. Their scope is limited to backup and storage. They are not ideal for organizations with complex document management needs.

When deciding which of these two platforms best satisfy your specific needs, there are a few things you should consider. They include how important your documents are to your entire business operations and how fast you expect to retrieve these documents to facilitate your business operations. Others include the need to comply with regulatory agencies and the safety of your documents. Document management software (DMS) like DocuXplorer was designed to make it easy for you to access your documents, edit them and share them with your colleagues or clients. Here are the specific advantages that you stand to gain when you choose a DMS like DocuXplorer over online storage platforms such as Dropbox for your business.

Integration with all file types

With a DMS, you can work on files of different types on the same platform. DocuXplorer integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office and provides previews of word, excel, and PDFs, regardless if you have the programs installed on your computer. You can upload and manage different files using collaboration and automated workflow tools. Another beneficial feature with document management software is the ability to provide digital signatures to documents, making them authentic and genuine when used for business transactions.

Indexing & searching

One of the main features of document management is the ability to store metadata alongside your documents. This is what makes DMS so powerful. With Smart Capture technology, DocuXplorer can extract the important information from the content of a document and file it away based on those parameters, all automatically. This enables users to quickly locate any file in seconds, no matter how old the document is, and with no technical expertise.  


Document management is essential for companies storing personal information about clients or employees. DocuXplorer enables you to comply with government regulations concerning PII data. Audit trails track all changes made to documents by all users and permissions settings enable administrators to define which roles, users, or groups of users have access to specific files.   


DocuXplorer also provides functionality to enhance Business Process Management (BPM). Many documents require recurring actions to be taken on them, such as review, approval, signing, and sharing. Automated workflows allow users to streamline these processes, eliminating manual steps and human-error and increasing efficiencies and productivity. 


An element not talked about much is technical support. Online data storage services, like Google and Dropbox, promote self-serve support. With DocuXplorer you can always reach a knowledgeable technical advisor by email, phone, or remote access. When managing the important assets of your business, you must be able to trust and count on your service provider to support your needs.