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Document Management Software (DMS) and Architectural Firms

Save time, cut costs, and increase efficiency with document mangement for architectual companies.

May 15, 2018

architectual drawing on computer

Architectural firms, like many other companies, are very dependent on the documents they create and receive. From blueprints, renderings, contracts, and numerous types of reports and invoices, it is critical that architectural firms have an organized filing system in place that will also aid them in their records management and file access needs. Have you considered the benefits of document management software like DocuXplorer, and how such software can help your firm reap savings as well as increase productivity? We have put together this short post in order to outline some of these benefits.

Organize Your Firm Using Easy-to-Use Document Management Software  

Document management software helps put into place a repeatable, actionable filing system that your employees will find intuitive and easy-to-use based on its Windows-based interface. When employees are comfortable with software, this ensures that they will use it repeatedly and come to rely on it. As your system becomes more central to the work routine of your firm, it becomes even stronger as employees check to ensure that it is up-to-date and accurate. In turn, your firm becomes more process driven, efficient, productive and cost-effective.

Customized Access to Files According to Need      

One of the features of document management software is the ability to customize online access to particular files by departments, groups, or individuals. This feature is a great advantage to companies that have individuals working from various locations, who may require instant access to the same files. Given that document management software like DocuXplorer integrates with Microsoft Office and QuickBooks this also makes importing documents into the document management software much simpler through a PRINT-SAVE function, as opposed to a scanning function which can take much longer depending on the equipment and people involved.

Cut Storage Costs By Moving Your Files to Soft Copies

Architectural firms will find that they can indeed cut costs in the near term as well as the long term by implement document management software, like DocuXplorer. Converting to soft copies offers a big advantage over hard copy file storage in several ways – not only is it cheaper to store files as data, it greatly decreases the dependency on physical space overall, and greatly increases one’s access to older files (as files can remain online backed up on servers for quite some time). Architectural firms will find that money saved from document management software can be applied to other vital projects which will allow your firm to grow and/or expand.