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Top Benefits of Incorporating Automated Workflow into Your Document Management Software

Businesses usually have internal mechanisms through which processes such as purchase requests, supply orders and payment for goods and services received are subjected to before they can be approved. Organizations that are not yet paperless would have to physically take the documents to the different managers for approval. This is not only tiring but it is time-consuming as well and in today’s fast-paced business environment, that is quite unacceptable Read More »

Document Management Software Vs. Online Storage

As businesses grow, they often find that their local file servers have reached their end-of-life and they are now difficult to maintain. In an attempt to fulfill their document storage needs, these firms often opt for online public cloud services such as Google Drive or Dropbox, only to realize that these platforms are not scalable, have poor functionality and are prone to external attacks.

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Five Reasons Document Management Software Can Save Your Company Money

In this digital day and age, most businesses are able to save substantial amounts of money and resources by investing on Document Management Software solutions, which are truly one of the greatest inventions ever made for business. Document Management Software (DMS) is so crucial for businesses to thrive in the digital age as it acts to centralize all business content of any company. Read More »

Workflow & Business Process Management

Automated workflow, a key component of business process management, is a powerful tool for translating an organization’s collaborative vision into real-world business applications with clear and measurable paybacks. The primary goal of an effective workflow management process is to streamline the components of various office systems by reducing/eliminating unnecessary tasks (and the often high costs associated with the performance of those tasks) and then automating the remaining tasks in a process.

DocuXplorer’s new automated workflow functionality helps clients eliminate repetitive and time-consuming tasks that often involve wasteful paper shuffling. Our workflow designer lets you automate each step in your organization’s many business processes. As your documents are added to a workflow, they are sent to the right people, with email notifications sent to those required to take the next step.

For power users and administrators, our business process management solution allows you to monitor and track a particular document’s status and progress, so you can anticipate any potential issues before they happen! Best of all, employees are now free to handle more productive day-to-day tasks.

This new value-added functionality allows users to:

  •            Identify and track workflow tasks as they progress
  • ·         Prioritize the documents/tasks they have responsibility for
  • ·         Build their own customized workflows using our easy-to-use workflow designer
  • ·         Improve departmental and organization-wide collaboration as tasks and documents are automatically sent from one user to another

Click here for a short video to see just how easy it is to use and how it can help automate your daily routines in a way you never imagined!