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Finally, Document Management Software to Support Your Technical Strategy

Document management software offers unparalleled security, cuts your IT costs with cloud hosting, aligns your data, and effortlessly streamlines operations.

April 2, 2024

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Go from chaos to organized, synchronized, and secure.

IT managers are responsible for ensuring that the technologies used in their organization are efficient, secure, and meet the business's needs. 

In addition to choosing the right tools, IT must often manage each department's demands. Working with outdated legacy systems or multiple software tools can slow progress and limit the organization’s ability to compete. As new technologies are introduced and current ones become obsolete, IT facilitates organizational change management.

IT managers must also stay current on cybersecurity measures. This can include regularly training staff on security issues, conducting security audits to identify vulnerabilities, and upgrading systems. 

With all this responsibility, IT needs tools to help carry the load. 

A document management system like DocuXplorer delivers a solution that integrates with your organization’s existing tech stack and immediately enhances your business processes. DocuXplorer's flexibility allows each department to get what it needs, and with hands-on training, we lighten the load on your IT team.

Security is #1

Cybersecurity concerns are constantly evolving, and teams that self-manage company data put the organization at greater risk. Having a company-wide plan and encrypted tools that stay updated on the latest threats helps you maintain the highest level of security.

Audit trails support security by tracking every action taken on a document. You have complete control - you can set permissions for individuals or groups for nearly every software function.

DocuXplorer’s security settings and permissions are the same on the web as in the desktop version, so you can locate any file on any device and depend on the same level of security.

Cloud storage 

You shouldn’t have to stress about cost-effective data storage and backup. While simple cloud storage is a popular choice, it doesn’t allow you to extract the most essential information in a document and translate it into searchable and usable data. 

Get the best of both worlds with DocuXplorer - index your data and use DocuXplorer Cloud to securely store and scale that data. Eliminate the expense of buying and maintaining servers, storage media, and IT support. Cloud hosting reduces IT costs, increases efficiency, boosts performance, and allows for innovation and development.

If you prefer on-premises hosting, adding DocuXplorer to your data center is simple and allows you to run your document management and workflow solution alongside your existing applications. The server runs on any Microsoft platform, as well as on Linux and Novell operating systems.

You're probably backing up your system regularly, but when disaster strikes, rolling your entire system back won't cut it, especially given the rapid influx of new information. Partnering with DocuXplorer means we carry that burden for you, performing and testing daily backups and restoring to a single file deleted two years ago without you lifting a finger.

“The product is very intuitive and easy to use.”

Don Naile
Amber Diagnostics

Hassle-free migration

Migrating from your legacy system to DocuXplorer is easy with the Import Engine, built to streamline the data entry process, save you time, and reduce error. The import engine interfaces with Windows, Novell, Linux, and AS400.

IT managers want to minimize disruptions as much as possible when transitioning to new technologies. Familiarizing everyone with a new system and getting buy-in can be challenging, particularly when managing a hybrid or remote team. 

Seamlessly integrate DocuXplorer with your tech stack and receive comprehensive adoption training created with your business, team, and goals in mind. Once you’re up and running, ongoing support and expert document management consulting are always available.

“This has been the most painless, successful migration I have ever been a part of in my entire IT career, and all thanks to DocuXplorer’s support professionals.”

Jerry Dishman

Sr. Systems Engineer, USMD Hospital IT

Software that works and grows with your team

Document management for IT ensures your data is centralized and adaptable to all your processes and departmental requirements. Whether your team is on-site, hybrid, or remote, DocuXplorer is flexible and works with your environment, or we can host it for you. Partnering with us comes with creative technical solutions that adapt to your operations.

Return on investment is especially important when evaluating new technologies. You don’t want to invest time and money in software that can’t adapt to your needs. DocuXplorer is scalable, so you can expand the system to your network as your usage grows. However simple or complex your processes, you’ll get expert consulting to audit your current system and create a custom, streamlined data library.

Upgrade your file organization and business processes and lower expenses with a document management system built for IT challenges.

"It is one of the best-written and most useful software packages I have ever used."

Ken Cowin

Gabalex Capital Management