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Document Management Software for Human Resources

HR departments are moving to digital records keeping to increase efficiency, save time, and securly protect employee imformation.

September 14, 2018

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Human resources departments in many organizations still do things the old fashioned way - using folders for each employee, paper documents, copiers, and the trusty stapler. And despite an overwhelming research showing the benefits of going paperless by using a document management solution to organized employee records, not everyone has come on board.

HR generalists and specialists (as well as managers), spend countless hours over the course of a month searching for, organizing and updating employee records, when their time can be better spent doing what they do best – ensuring employees are functioning optimally. On top of this, much of the data HR departments maintain is often of a confidential nature and needs to be protected from preying eyes. This becomes tricky for companies with multiple locations.

With DocuXplorer, HR records are never more than a mouse click away, so that one employee performance review from 2018 can easily be located and reviewed and/or compared to this year’s. Better yet, DocuXplorer’s security settings are compliant with virtually every US governmental regulation pertaining to electronic document security so you have the peace of mind of knowing that your personnel files are secure.

DocuXplorer’s document management solution for human resources is also very easy-to-use and intuitive so your HR staff doesn't need any special training. Best of all, it’s very affordable. DocuXplorer is used in the Human Resources departments of many of our clients to manage potential new hire resumes, job applications, cover letters, vacation requests, yearly bonuses and raises, sick annual employee reviews, disciplinary records and much more.

DocuXplorer helps human resources professionals:

  • Reduce their administrative tasks and allow HR specialists and generalists to focus on their core competencies. We also protect employee records from unauthorized access.
  • Immediately locate personnel records in a matter of seconds, rather than having to weed through file cabinets, drawers and hard copy folders.
  • Have a better way of organizing employee records through our proprietary taxonomy training, during which time we work with you in optimizing your folder structure and index set fields.
  • Provide access to other authorized HR team members in other offices through our built in web client.
  • Integrate with your existing HRIS with our Application Programming Interface.