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Document Management for Financial Services

Document Management Software for Banks & Financial Services

Banks and financial service providers keeps their records organized, secured and accessible with these document management strategies.

March 9, 2020

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In today's world, financial institutions and banks face growing and complicated compliance challenges. As a result of the many laws and new regulations implemented over the past decade, every e-mail, document, fax and contract must be made immediately available for both internal and external audits. Failure to comply with these regulations can be expensive as well as potentially ruin an organization's brand reputation.

How financial documents are stored and managed plays a key role in both the effectiveness and the competitiveness of a financial services organization or bank; the efficiency of its operations, how well risk is avoided, and the accuracy of important financial-related decisions.

DocuXplorer provides clients with employees working in financial services environment with an easy-to-use yet robust document archiving and organization system for their clients' financial records and documents. With DocuXplorer, those working in finance can  better keep track of, and organize, all of their organization's financial, regulatory, and bank documents. Plus, because many of our clients often store and archive sensitive financial data, DocuXplorer is compliant with SEC and Sarbanes-Oxley guidelines related to electronic bank document management.

Additionally, DocuXplorer's optional online backup service ensures that important documents are protected from disaster. This additional features assists clients in adhering to their document retention compliance requirements as well.

How does DocuXplorer improve document management for banks?

  • Track document versions
  • Perform audit trails
  • Share confidential information only with those who need to see it
  • Email, fax and print documents directly from DocuXplorer folders
  • Find, access and share documents in one easy-to-use interface
  • Use QuickBooks and other third party software's easy integration, allowing them to save information directly into DocuXplorer.