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Data Restore Ready When Data Loss Strikes

Data recovery and data restore are not the same; and many SMBs don’t realized their documents aren’t actually protected.

October 27, 2020

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Backing up your business-critical documents is not only best practice, but essential to protect your business, both financially and legally. You might be thinking, "I’ve hired an IT firm to back-up my data, so I’m protected, right?" Not quite. All backups aren’t created equally. If your IT department or outsourced IT firm provides a general data backup of your system, you’ll need to make sure your files can be, not only recovered, but actually restored with all the same metadata and customization as they originally appeared in your SaaS applications.

Data Recovery vs. Restore

Document recovery simply means you get your data back – it does not mean you get it back exactly as it was before. When disaster strikes and you have to recover your data, you don’t want to find out your IT provider defines recovery as exporting your application data and delivering it as a massive CSV file. This would take your IT team tons of time and manual effort to rebuild your file structure, reimport and restore it back into your applications, and then validate it before your team can get back to work. This takes considerable time, effort, and downtime for your staff.

Data restore accurately returns your data directly back to the application, exactly as it appeared before the loss. Expertly managed backup and restore solutions will restore data from any point in time with file structure and metadata preserved, along with the flexibility to restore precisely what was lost, from a single document from a year ago, or an entire cabinet from yesterday.

Protect Productivity and Compliance

If maintaining productivity and compliance with data backup, retention, and accessibility are vital to your business, expert restore services should be priority in your data protection plan. DocuXplorer’s Secure Backup service ensures all your files saved in DocuXplorer can be recovered and restored to their original condition with minimal downtime.

Never suffer an unrecoverable data loss incident. Speak to your account manager about DocuXplorer’s Secure Backup Service.