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Your Powerhouse Duo: DocuXplorer + Microsoft Copilot

Together, DocuXplorer and Microsoft Copilot transform business productivity. Copilot offers AI-driven creation and collaboration, while DocuXplorer streamlines file organization and business process management.

March 19, 2024

microsoft copilot and docuxplorer your powerhouse duo

Learn and create with Copilot. Organize and optimize with DocuXplorer.

For SMBs or enterprises looking to increase their productivity in new and creative ways, Microsoft’s AI companion, Copilot, seems to break new ground in creating, writing, designing, and sharing content.

Copilot delivers cross-application intelligence that works across your Microsoft apps and data, allowing you to track discussions, collaborate, and synthesize information. Its strength lies in merging your entire data universe — emails, meetings, chats, documents, and the web — with prompt-based instruction. Copilot can generate updates based on the morning’s meetings, emails, and chat threads. Or help you create a landing page or presentation. Or automate your email writing.

So, is there anything Copilot can’t do?

This innovative AI companion transforms how you create and communicate, but for business processes and file organization, you’ll still need some help. 

Leveraging DocuXplorer in tandem with Microsoft Copilot can help you fill in the gaps between a document management system and creative work and streamline the tasks you spend the most time on.

Data capture

Copilot: Understands your data's presentation and metadata and can provide insights when asked. Because Copilot leverages natural language prompts, you can ask it to create visualizations of your data or give you a data analysis. You can also ask it to send data to someone in your organization for collaboration.

DocuXplorer: With AI Capture, you’ll tell DocuXplorer which pieces of metadata you want to tag and index. It takes seconds, and you only need to do this once. It can even read handwriting for relevant information. AI Capture automatically finds, captures, and files the information you want going forward. You can also capture data from web pages or third-party apps without needing to screenshot or copy-paste. Use the DocuXplorer Email Assistant to monitor your inbox for important files, like incoming invoices. When they arrive, DocuXplorer files them automatically in your chosen folder.


Copilot: If your team has a lot of meetings, Copilot will help you disseminate all the information by summarizing discussions and keeping track of your action items. You can even turn a meeting transcript into a working document. Automating tasks, however, requires using a separate Microsoft 365 tool -  Power Automate.

DocuXplorer: Workflows are built into DocuXplorer and will save you time on repeatable tasks. The system automatically sends documents to relevant team members for their input or approval, then sends them back to you or the next person in the workflow. You dictate the process, and the software runs it until it’s complete or you change it. Business processes continue without disruption, even when people are out of the office or exit the organization.

Finding files

Copilot: Copilot integrates with Microsoft OneDrive, so within OneDrive, you can ask Copilot to find a document shared by a specific person, summarize the document, or create a folder from the files that populate from your search. Copilot will also suggest related documents when you perform this function. However, folders will only include shortcuts to the original files, and the folder will reside in your drive, not your organization’s. You can also request a summary of updates, which shows you what files were shared recently and which documents have new comments.

DocuXplorer: Finding things is a core function of DocuXplorer, so the system is designed to make searching easy. Search for documents using a single piece of metadata, such as an invoice number or associated vendor. You can also create a search and save it so that the next time you need to find a similar document, you can do so with just a click. The DocuXplorer team helps you create a taxonomy, forming the foundation of your data organization and workflows. If you need a highly customized file structure, DocuXplorer experts can build it for you.

Boost your day-to-day

Copilot and DocuXplorer have a few things in common: they reduce mental effort, save you time, and enhance team collaboration. DocuXplorer and Copilot also offer enterprise-grade security, privacy, compliance, and storage, so your proprietary data is protected, and you can enjoy peace of mind.

The critical difference between these tools is how they impact daily work.

Copilot is particularly impactful for creators, combining AI and web search into one clever tool you can use to create your own process. You’re in charge of organizing your data, but Copilot will help you make sense of it.

DocuXplorer empowers a collective system that organizes, automates, and facilitates business functions. And the system safeguards your process knowledge through organizational shifts and changes. That means when you partner with DocuXplorer, you have an advocate who can alter or update your system as needed without starting again from scratch.

DocuXplorer will handle your data once you’ve set the parameters, and you can do other things while the system takes over your tasks and workflows. For organizations that deal with a lot of documentation, such as bills, contracts, medical records, or even physical assets, DocuXplorer is your partner in efficiency.

With these two tools, you can optimize the most significant aspects of your workday. Review internal information, catch up on projects, and create with Copilot; organize files and optimize your work with DocuXplorer.