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DocuXplorer Teams Document Management

Streamline document archiving and sharing across teams.

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DocuXplorer’s Teams document management solution offers multi-user functionality, allowing for a complete, secure, easy-to-use and affordable platform that will make your team more productive and your business more profitable.

DocuXplorer Teams can be installed on up to five workstations. For clients needing concurrent licensing, we offer an Enterprise version. Please contact our sales team for more information and for a custom quote.

SAP Advantage Database Server

DocuXplorer Teams document management software incorporates SAP Advantage database server. SAP Advantage has proven itself to be fast and reliable–an excellent choice for any size business, particularly those without an IT department. Since the database is integrated into DocuXplorer, a database administrator is not required. Sybase Advantage runs as a service and can be backed up while the database service is running.

Document Security

For clients requiring compliance with document security; confidentiality; document and record life-cycle retention management; and audit trails, please look at our Enterprise edition which is fully compliant with Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), HIPAA, SEC, NASD, Finra, ISO and FDA regulations, among others. DocuXplorer's enhanced security allows you to customize permissions for users and groups of users based on your organization's security requirements and business processes.

Supporting Remote Users

DocuXplorer is compatible with Microsoft Remote Desktop, Citrix, and other remote access software, so users can access the DocuXplorer Library from any remote location with an Internet connection. 

Users can even scan documents from remote locations using a variety of third-party software. For staff using Apple computers, we recommend that a Remote Desktop Connection is utilized. Apple users will have full access to the power of the DocuXplorer platform, but do not need to have the software installed directly on their computers.

Licensing Model

DocuXplorer's Teams document management license is based on the number of workstations with installed software. As part of your license(s), you will receive free email support, updates, and upgrades.