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Trends in DMS

Science and Document Management Software

Hospitals and research facilities find document management to be an invaluable tool, helping them organize, access, and secure their data driven research and findings.

September 2, 2020

Woman scientist working in a lab

A great deal of the most advanced research and many of the most impressive scientific discoveries come out of the private sector. Private sector scientific establishments handle jobs ranging from performing seismic surveys to cataloging archaeological sites to testing water. Oftentimes, these projects are very large, very involved and generate a tremendous amount of information. Document management software provides a good solution to many of the problems that accompany these projects.

Cohesive Filing

Because scientific endeavors are driven by data, it's imperative that data relative to a particular project can instantly be associated with that project. One of the things that document management software makes possible is adding tags to files to indicate what they contain. This is oftentimes referred to as metadata. This makes it easy to ensure that a vital piece of information is not lost or misfiled. Provided the data is tagged correctly from the start, it's easy to find information that is associated with any particular project.

If you look at hard copies associated with scientific projects, you'll oftentimes find huge file folders stuffed with many individual files that are, in turn, stuffed with a tremendous number of documents. While this was an unavoidable situation at one time, that is no longer the case. Rather than creating a huge stack of paperwork that needs to be gone through every time a particular piece of data is required, document management software allows you to utilize the electronic forms of this documentation, which means that they are indexable, searchable and very easy to work with.

Some scientific endeavors have to conform to particular regulations. One of the most common involves security. For example, a firm that works on research and development projects for a large corporation may need to demonstrate that they have adequate document security in place to keep their contract. Good document management software allows you to utilize encryption to protect files from snooping.

The benefits are just as profound for public agencies. Scientific agencies that serve the public interest can benefit a great deal from having their documents and data stored in electronic form and from having a good document management software product to provide access to that information. It ensures that these agencies can always retrieve the data that they need and that, in cases where that data is requested, whoever needs the data is provided with everything relevant to it and situations where staff has to search folders for missing information are avoided.