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Trends in DMS

2024 Solutions: Navigating the Future of DMS

2024 brings new challenges in data security, information management, and digital transformation, and you’ll be ready to tackle them with DocuXplorer’s comprehensive solution.

February 13, 2024

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Agile, impact-driven, and scalable.

2024 poses unique challenges for businesses driven by documentation. As we become an increasingly digital society, data security concerns are more pressing than ever.

The sheer amount of data that exists means businesses are apt to suffer from ineffective information silos and technologies that become outdated quickly. Faster and more dynamic data sharing also highlights compliance challenges. To keep pace, businesses need to accomplish more with fewer resources.

How many organizations choose to deal with these challenges can, in a way, compound them. Being overly cautious and reluctant to change direction reduces efficiency and hinders innovation.

On the other hand, companies can tackle the challenges of managing information and simultaneously cut costs by shifting focus to operational efficiency and simplified workflow processes. DocuXplorer’s comprehensive solution supports these efforts for businesses in 2024 and beyond.

One solution, a myriad of uses

Forget about your data scattered across multiple physical and digital places and systems. Cut through your siled information and tedious manual workflows with tools that make accessing your business data effortless and reduce your data entry to seconds.

Control your documentation and make it work how you want it to with DX workflows. Find documents in seconds, automatically send your team what they need when they need it, streamline approvals, and collaborate on documents in one place.

Lifecycle of an invoice before automation with DocuXplorer and after.

Data security and compliance

Companies manage mountains of data daily, making controlling and protecting sensitive information a substantial challenge. Safeguard your data and manage the constant flow of information seamlessly with DocuXplorer, ensuring the privacy and security of your proprietary information.

Your privacy and data protection policies are unique to your business, so with DX, you can enforce your specific policies right into your document management setup. And you will always own your data.

You decide who has access to what information, ensuring you maintain compliance and can easily track changes to any document. DocuXplorer’s compliance document management adheres to HIPAA, NASD, SEC, SOX, FINRA, GDPR, ISO, Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, FIPS, FDA, and more regulations for document security, confidentiality, document and record life-cycle retention management and audit trails.

Overcoming budget constraints

Yes, there is such a thing as too many tools! You need a one-stop, cost-effective solution and reliable partners to support you. DocuXplorer combines a comprehensive suite of tools into one powerful system that provides impactful value, allowing you to do more with less without requiring extensive digital upskilling.

In addition, we know that for you to succeed, you need to harness the full functionality of a system. All the necessary tools - from workflows to automated indexing, audit trails, native Microsoft Office integration, and more will be yours with DocuXplorer. Our team empowers you to immediately leverage the software’s full potential and revolutionize your work.

And do even more with these game-changing tools

AI-Capture and instant approvals

AI Capture is your digital assistant, freeing up your time to do what you want. What could you accomplish if you didn’t have to do data entry or file records? Save time and tackle things that matter to you, such as leadership, mentorship, analysis, strategy, or creating.

You’ll also have instant approval capabilities, so your business can accelerate operations, limit back and forth, and achieve quicker document processing.

Inbox monitoring

DocuXplorer's inbox monitoring streamlines the management of incoming data, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks. Tagging and filing are made effortless with this automation tool that tracks every piece of information you deem important!

Physical asset management and audit trails

Document management software isn’t just for tracking digital files. Manage everything from hardware inventory to vehicle fleets, complemented by detailed audit trails that provide a transparent and accountable record of all your assets and operations.

Expert taxonomy and business process consultation

We are a team of business process nerds. No, really, we take this stuff seriously. Our experts guide you through optimizing your business processes and work with you to establish a robust taxonomy, making your document management as efficient and effective as possible.

Increase efficiency and accuracy without the growing pains of change. Think simple, intuitive interfaces that mimic a physical filing system, plus processes that integrate seamlessly into your existing operations. And did we mention that end-user adoption is easy?

Every aspect of your DX adoption and ongoing use is customized to fit your needs and set up to mimic how you’ve already been handling your documents. DocuXplorer’s virtual cabinets and folders are tailored to your organizational structure and workflow procedures before you import any files!

Our partnership continues beyond getting you set up - your dedicated advocate will continue to help you optimize processes as your business changes and technology advances, keeping your operations adaptable and scalable.

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A future-ready solution

As businesses navigate the complexities of 2024, innovation and efficiency in document management will bolster operations and provide a competitive edge. By choosing DocuXplorer, you’ll select a powerful software and partner with a forward-thinking ally dedicated to your business’s success and resilience in a digital-first world.

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